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Why Is My Generator Surging?

The proud owner of a generator, whether for general use or use in an emergency, can rest assured that they have access to the power they need. But what if your generator isn’t up to the task? At best, this can leave you with no means to perform normal functions, and at worst could leave…

How To Fix Ungrounded Outlets

Do you have an outlet in your home with only two prong holes? This is not just a manufacturing or builder error. Two-hole outlets are a sign of an ungrounded outlet. Here’s a closer look at what these are and what they may mean for your home. What Is an Ungrounded Outlet? Ungrounded outlets are…

Electrical Maintenance Checklist for Every Homeowner

Owning a home and maintaining it properly can be a lot of responsibility. We all have busy lives with many things requiring our attention, but make sure that electrical maintenance doesn’t fall off of your to-do list. While this task is often overlooked by homeowners, it’s extremely important for your home’s safety. In this blog…

Why Won’t My Microwave Shut Off?

A good, reliable microwave can be an important part of any modern kitchen. So if you’ve got a microwave that just won’t quit, even when the timer goes off, you’ve certainly got a bit of a problem on your hands. At Kolb Electric, our expert electricians have the answers to your microwave problems. Here are…

How to Spot an Electrician Scam

Spring brings with it a myriad of home repair and remodeling projects, many of which require electrical wiring or installations. Unfortunately, it is also a prime season for contractor scams, including those that involve so-called electricians. Learning how to spot these con-artists can help ensure you don’t get taken advantage of—keep reading to see our tips!

Signs Your Electrician Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

Maybe it was the attire that tipped you off, or the unmarked van. Whatever it was, the truth remains: there are plenty of home service scammers, and false electricians aren’t an exception. On the Kolb Electric blog, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to tell if various electrical appliances and processes in…

Is Your Washington, DC Electrician Scamming You?

Have you ever been worried that your Washington, DC electrician might be scamming you? It’s certainly not one of our favorite topics, but the fact remains that it does happen. There are people out there posing as trained professionals that would love nothing more than to take your money, and give nothing at all in return.

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