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Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Circuit breaker keep tripping? It’s probably one of these problems:

Is Your Electric Panel the Right Size? How to Know

Considering making some changes regarding the electricity in your home? Before you buy a brand new electric panel for your Bethesda home, there are some important details you should know about sizing.

Easy Maintenance for Your Outdoor Lights

Did you know that your outdoor lighting installation needs maintenance every once in a while? It’s true! To keep your outdoor lights shining bright, there are a few things you should master.

Why Electricians in Baltimore Are Worried About Faulty Hot Tub Wiring

It doesn’t feel like it yet, but fall is coming! Cooler weather and clearer nights are on the way; perfect time for some home hot tub relaxation. But when our electricians in Baltimore talk hot tubs, we have some concerns. These stem from various issues, but they can all mean one thing in the end:…

How Safe Are “Safe” Electrical Outlets, Really?

In this blog, we talk a lot about potential dangers. From water damaged wires, to possible causes for power surges, we try to cover it all. Why do we spend so much time on this? Well, for one it makes for decent reading. Learning things is always kinda fun. For two, and the more important,…

What a Baltimore Electrician Does on a Code Inspection

Been keeping up with our blog? If so, you may have been noticing a lot of talk about electrical code, and how important it is. Why all of the insistence? Because code is code for a reason! Not only is the electrical code here in Baltimore set to protect your home, but it protects you…

How Much Does Solar Energy Cost in Maryland?

Ever considered utilizing solar energy in your Maryland home? If not, you might give it a glance. Not only is solar energy tech really quite cool, it boasts some unique benefits as well. But, of course, like any decision you make about the home, it all really boils down to its effectiveness, and possibly more…

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