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Why Won’t My Microwave Shut Off?

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A good, reliable microwave can be an important part of any modern kitchen. So if you’ve got a microwave that just won’t quit, even when the timer goes off, you’ve certainly got a bit of a problem on your hands. At Kolb Electric, our expert electricians have the answers to your microwave problems. Here are the most common causes for a microwave that won’t shut off and what you should do about it.

Is a Broken Microwave Dangerous?

If your microwave won’t shut off, there’s no need to panic. You may have heard about the dangers of microwave radiation, but microwaves are generally quite safe, even if they’re running with the door open. However, having said that, there are certainly risks, and the problem should not be ignored.

If your microwave won’t shut off, the odds are pretty strong that you’re going to need a new one or that replacing your microwave is going to be faster, easier, and safer. The sooner you can replace your microwave, the better.

Reasons a Microwave Won’t Turn Off

There are actually very few causes that would lead to a microwave being unable to shut off. This is helpful, as it allows us to more easily identify what’s causing your microwave’s problems. The reason a microwave won’t turn off tends to depend on how and why:

  • My microwave continues to run if the door is closed: If your microwave just keeps going and going until the door is opened, and the “stop” button is unresponsive, the most likely cause is the control board being faulty or damaged. When this happens, the microwave is not sending signals properly and will think it just needs to keep running.
  • My microwave kicks on when the door is opened: A microwave that starts running when you open the door can be quite jarring. In this situation, the problem is with the limit switch. This switch tells your microwave that it’s open and needs to stop. When these switches are worn out, they can send the microwave mixed signals, often resulting in the microwave starting up.

How To Fix a Microwave That Won’t Stop

The best way to fix a microwave that won’t shut off is to call an electrician or to just replace the microwave instead of repairing it. The door switch is a fairly cost-effective repair, but the panel issue is more complex. And while there are lots of DIY solutions out there, you should definitely not attempt to repair a microwave by yourself. Microwaves carry a potentially lethal charge, even when unplugged, so it’s not worth the risk.

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