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They were a real lifesaver. Came to my house very quickly and solved an extremely difficult problem (that different electrician could not) in no time at all. I would use them again in a heart beat!

-John H.

Justin you’re the Man. I want to thank you for your great customer service. Your team is greatly appreciated. The techs you sent did an amazing job. Thanks again for your help.

-Michael K.

I needed a small chandelier installed in a nursery bedroom where we already had recessed lighting. The technician was able to insert the chandelier in one of the recessed lighting outlets using a fan kit box rather than a traditional lighting box, which was a creative solution given the small hole that he had to work with and my desire not to have to cut a larger hole and repair the ceiling afterward. This work was performed in just a couple hours and works perfectly.

Overall Kolb did a great job.

-Leigh O.

The Kolb Electric sent a “seasoned” employee who did an excellent job repairing the outlets in my house. I recently purchased my home from a real estate “flipper” and most of the electrical work that was done was sub par. The Kolb gentleman was very professional in explaining what was wrong and fixed the problem. He was very cordial and friendly. Other family members at the house were impressed with his work. I will definitely use this company again.

-Phyllis S.

I had my whole house surge protected using a big deal and had a GFCI outlet installed.

He was prompt, he called before he came and he was actually early for his appointment. I was pleased with his services.

-India K.

The top floor of my newly bought house had the electricity going off at random intervals. The electrician determined the issue quickly and fixed it just as quickly. He also secured some loose outlets that the previous lazy owners installed. The electrician arrived on time and got to work very quickly. He determined the short circuit in the top floor of my house was due to a poorly installed ceiling fan in the master bedroom. The wires were twisting as the fan was on, causing them to snap and short out on each other. He removed the fan and blanked the outlet it was on. He then secured two outlets that were hanging very loosely from the wall. All his work was quick and clean and I will certainly use them again.

-Aaron D.

Performed a Heavy Up by replacing the electrical panel and entry cable. They also installed an outside light fixture which included the running of conduit pipe to the location of the new light. They arrived on time and performed the work promptly. The electricians were friendly and explained what they were doing and how long it would take to complete the work. Kolb electric sent out two electricians to perform the work. Both electricians completed all of the work as stated. They also explained that Pepco would come out to inspect the work within the next 6 weeks.

-William R.

Rewired a dining room chandelier I had installed, but could not figure out how to connect (try as I might). There were 2 light switches, both on dimmer switches, making the wiring too much for me. He traced which wires went to which switch, established the hot, neutral, etc., determined that one or both switches were bad, replaced them, and completed the wiring and closed up the fixture and switches. Called, said when he would arrive, arrived on time, was professional and courteous. And he got the job done at a fair price. We won’t have to look for an electrician again!

-Danny G.

I was pleased with their service.They were very responsive.

-Linda S.

He figured out a problem within the panel. I am going to use him to put in a kitchen chandelier. We have been using them for many years. He found the problem with my panel after other companies were not able to locate. Harold F, is a technician from Kolb electric that we had used. This company is always prompt, responsive and are always willing to help me out.

-Nancy M.

I would like to send a very belated “thank you” to you, Gerber Coreas-Rivas, Juan Eizaguirre, and Kevin Collins, for a fantastic job all of you did for us on the QinetiQ North America show room this past summer.

We were “flying blind” when looking for a reputable electrical company in the area, and from the first moment I spoke with Jeff Holland, I felt comfortable that we had found a great, honest group of people to work with. You did not disappoint!

We’re used to working with union electricians in convention centers at trade shows, so we were expecting to be slowed down during installation, waiting on the electricians to finish up so we could proceed. Happily, that was not the case at all! (There were even times when Gerber, Juan and Kevin were waiting on us!) It was a refreshing change from what we normally have to deal with. Thank you!

The QinetiQ clients are extremely happy with the show room, which is good for all of us! Thank all of you for your diligence, hard work and professionalism! It has been a pleasure working with you, and if we need anything in your area in the future, you know I will be calling you!

-Renee B.

Yes – the job looks beautiful! Great! Thank you for solving the outside electrical problem outside my house which we have been talking about for so long. You did it! You brought everyone together – Pepco, Chris and LeRoy. A huge Pepco truck and two yellow Kolb Electric trucks on my lawn all day! They worked hard and I appreciate your work to bring them together and finish the job started last year in July. It started snowing and I thought they’ll have to go home and never finish but the snow was only flurries so the job was completed by five o’clock.

I am so happy. Thanks again.

-Shirley T.
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