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Circuit Breaker Replacement in MD, DC & VA

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If your circuit breakers are frequently tripping or if they’re hot to the touch, then it’s a good bet you need a circuit breaker replacement. At Kolb Electric, our licensed electricians in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia can do the job quickly and effectively. When your circuits malfunction, circuit breaker replacement will protect your appliances from damage caused by sudden spikes of electricity.

When you need reliable circuit breaker replacement or repairs in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, call Kolb Electric at 877-287-1179 to schedule an appointment!

Signs You Need To Replace Your Circuit Breaker

All homeowners should monitor their electrical systems for signs of problems. Properly maintained circuit breakers are essential for protecting your home from power surges, arcing, faulting, and the subsequent fires and electrical shocks that can occur.

If you notice any of the following electrical problems with your breakers, we recommend scheduling a service appointment without delay:

  • Frequent tripping; even after regular resets
  • The breaker is hot to the touch
  • You smell burning or Ozone odors from the breaker panel
  • You see visible damage, including scorch marks or frayed wiring
  • You hear buzzing, hissing, or popping sounds

What To Do With a Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker in MD, DC, or VA

If your circuit breaker constantly trips, it’s likely because of an overloaded circuit. This can occur when you use multiple appliances from the same circuit, such as the television, hair dryer, space heater, dishwasher, home theater system, etc. Moving one or more appliances to a new outlet on a different circuit or replacing or adding a new circuit breaker can resolve the issue.

Double-Tapped Circuit Breaker Replacement

Double-tapped electrical circuit breakers are a common problem for homes in our area. Fortunately, it’s not usually a critical issue, and it’s easily resolved by a trained electrician. Double tapping occurs when an installer connects two wires to the same screw or terminal within the electrical panel. This is acceptable if the breaker is designed for this; however, if the breaker is only designed for one, it can result in the wires coming loose, overheating, arching, and it’s a significant fire hazard.

Is your circuit breaker double-tapped? Contact Kolb Electric at 877-287-1179 to schedule an appointment for a breaker replacement in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia!

Why Call Kolb Electric When Your Circuit Breaker Is Tripping in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC?

Our family-owned and -operated business proudly serves the needs of homeowners throughout the region. Since 1925, we have established Kolb Electric as the region’s leading electrical service provider. Whether you need installation, electrical maintenance, or electrical repairs, you can depend on our team to deliver superior service, the highest-quality components, competitive prices, and more! We adhere to strict safety and quality standards, so you can have peace of mind with the work we deliver.

At Kolb Electric, we are always ready to provide fast and reliable circuit breaker replacements in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Call 877-287-1179 to schedule breaker services today!

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