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Signs Your Electrician Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

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Maybe it was the attire that tipped you off, or the unmarked van. Whatever it was, the truth remains: there are plenty of home service scammers, and false electricians aren’t an exception.

On the Kolb Electric blog, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to tell if various electrical appliances and processes in your home are bad or faulty. We’ve discussed outdoor lighting, breakers, outlets; we even did a bit on hot tubs! But what do you do if your electrician in Gaithersburg is bad? How can you even tell; and what separates the slouches from the professionals?

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How To Tell if Your Electrician Is Bad

Getting electrical work done in your Maryland home is already pretty stressful. So the very last thing you want is to call in an “expert” only to get bad work, poor results, and services that could barely even be called service. To make sure you get the good stuff when you’re looking for dependable electrical services, keep an eye out for these warning signs!

  • Unprofessional. There are plenty of red flags to find right off the bat when you’ve got a bad electrician on your hands. No one wants a stuffy and impersonal service provider, but if someone walks in your door and ignores basic social graces, you probably should have them turn right back around and just go. A pro should be presentable (not everyone wears a uniform, and that’s totally cool, but at least be clean cut and presentable!), friendly, helpful, and should make every effort to be welcome in your home.
  • Unreliable. Did your electrician call to reschedule three, four times, and then show up two hours late even then? Things happen, and days can get busy, but as a service provider it is our goal to make sure you get what you need! If your electrician unapologetically strolls in like they’re the king of the jungle after making you wait all day, you’ve not only got a bad electrician, you’ve got a rude one, too!
  • Lack of knowledge and being unhelpful. You’re shelling out some serious cash to get some serious work done, and by all means you probably have some questions. And you probably want to know what’s going on with the project. If your contractor makes you feel uncomfortable asking questions, treats you with impatience, or refuses to give clear answers on the task at hand, you probably shouldn’t keep working with them.
  • Uses shortcuts. Professionals have very clear and very strict guidelines of for the work they do. If you see signs of a shortcut being used, there are exposed wires when the job is done, or they refuse to clean up after themselves, you’ve got a lazy electrician on your hands. And they work they just did might not even be safe! This is also yet another reason why keeping up with basic electrical code in your area is hugely beneficial.

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