Electrical Repair Services in Annapolis, Maryland

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Need to fix a broken circuit breaker panel? Have blown outlets you need repaired? No matter what kind of electrical issues you’re having, Kolb Electric can get you the service you need, when you need it. We offer same-day, emergency electrical repairs throughout the Annapolis, Maryland area to help you recover from any issue, large or small.

When you need an electrical repair for your Annapolis, Maryland home or business, you can count on Kolb to have the right solution, at the right price. Call 877-287-1179877-287-1179 for 24/7 emergency service or fill out an online form to schedule your appointment. Mention this coupon to get 10% off any home electrical repair!

Residential & Commercial Electrical Repair Services

Kolb Electric has been providing residential and commercial electrical repairs to the Annapolis area since 1925. We can fix any problem you have, no matter how complex. This can include anything from:

  • A shorted circuit
  • A broken outlet
  • A power outage
  • Burned-out parking lot lights
  • And any other electrical issue you have

We can dispatch a licensed repair electrician to your Annapolis area home or commercial building whenever you need us. Our electrical repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you stay in business and keep your family or customers safe and secure.

When you call Kolb Electric for an electrical repair in Annapolis, Maryland, you will reach our answering service and be put you in touch with an experienced member of our staff within minutes of your call. Our Annapolis area repair electricians specialize in everything from small emergency service calls to major emergency response situations, including temporary electrical repairs and permanent wiring. We have bucket trucks on call and can also assist you with routine electrical maintenance.

With several offices located throughout the area, you can count on us to swiftly arrive at your home or commercial building when you have a problem. Whether you have a broken circuit breaker or blown outlet wiring, we will provide you with an efficient, thorough electrical repair and friendly, professional service.

Why Call Kolb Electric for Electrical Repairs in Annapolis, Maryland?

We are a family owned and operated business that has been providing electrical repair services to homes and businesses in the Annapolis area since 1925. We are committed to providing superior electrical services for residential spaces, as well as industrial, commercial, and construction businesses. The valuable advantages we can offer you are great service, high-quality products, and experienced repair electricians at a competitive price.

With six local offices, five bucket trucks, and one of the largest fleets in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are able to handle any size project.

Our services cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. No matter what your electrical needs are, we have the right solution, at the right price. Our repair electricians are fully licensed by state and local jurisdictions, ensuring you that your project will be installed to exact industry and code standards.

If you have an electrical problem in Annapolis, Maryland, whether in your home or in your business, contact us to arrange for a free quote.

Our Annapolis, Maryland Repair Electricians Are…

  • Courteous, professional, and punctual
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Trained to handle any electrical issue or problem
  • Accurate and efficient troubleshooters that can save you time and money
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and parts
  • Skilled in residential and commercial electrical repair services

Don’t wait—call Kolb Electric for all your electrical repair needs in Annapolis, Maryland! Contact us online or call 877-287-1179877-287-1179 to have an experienced repair electrician dispatched to home or building today.

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