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Why Did My Generator Fail?

Commercial generators are the best way to keep your business running if a power outage occurs. There are several reasons why your generator may fail. Depending on the work you do, a lack of power may only be a minor inconvenience. If your business requires electricity to maintain safety, it can be a hazard if…

How To Check for an Overloaded Circuit 

Having an overloaded circuit can cause a world of problems. Without immediate attention, it can also become a fire hazard, resulting in extensive and costly repairs. Circuits often get overloaded when too much electricity is forced to run through them. The cause is frequently having too many extension cords plugged into one outlet or too…

How To Fix Wiring Problems With Light Switches

Modern electricity is a convenience you probably don’t think about often. You walk into your home, flip the light switch, your lights turn on, and you continue with your day. When your light switch doesn’t work correctly, it can quickly turn a minor inconvenience into a significant problem. Working on your own light switches is…

Common Electrical Problems To Look Out for When Buying a New Home

Deciding to buy a home isn’t easy. When you start your search, you need to know what you are looking for regarding size, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities. You will also want to look closely at all its components, especially the plumbing and electrical systems. There are many visible signs to look for,…

Top 5 Reasons Your Breaker Keeps Tripping

Everything seems fine, then POOF—your power goes out. Chances are, you tripped a circuit breaker. Electrical problems are one of those things that tend to make a homeowner’s stress level skyrocket. You’re not sure what’s wrong, but suddenly you’ve lost access to the power you depend on in your DC area home!

Do You Have a Double Tapped Breaker?

Double tapped breakers are a common circuit breaker defect — but they are also one of the easiest electrical problems to correct.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Fuse Box in Your Home

Electricity enters your home from the utility provider through a small box on the wall called a fuse box. It goes by many other names as well, including service panel, junction box, and breaker panel. This is the central switchboard for your home’s entire electrical system, supplying power to light fixtures, outlets, and appliances throughout…

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