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Common Summer Electrical Issues – Our Alexandria Electricians Weigh In

It might not last all that long, but thus far our summer has been absolutely beautiful! Soon the season will set in for real, bringing about quite a few specific electrical issues you need to be prepared to deal with. Who better to help you prepare than our certified Alexandria electricians!

When to Call an Emergency Electrician in Baltimore

Struggling to decide whether or not it’s time to give your trusted Baltimore electricians a call? It’s a fair question, but also one that needs a definitive answer! Just when does an electrical issue become an electrical emergency? Follow along with the specialists at Kolb Electric while we differentiate between the dangerous stuff and the…

Lighting Installation Tips from Our Electricians in Springfield

Thinking about some lighting installation projects for your home? Getting more lighting is always fun and exciting, but before you make the call to your electricians in Springfield to get started, there might be some things you want to make certain you address. The team at Kolb Electric is here today to drop you some…

Big-Box Store or Electrician – Who Should Install Your Appliance?

Larger retail establishments, also called a “big-box store,” have become many homeowner’s single source for all of their needs. In a world where competitive pricing is king, it’s just hard for smaller retailers to keep up and stay relevant. But say we’re talking about appliance installation in Washington, DC, a type of service that many…

What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Home?

If you’re like the average homeowner, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to save a little money. From turning off the lights in the rooms you aren’t in to unplugging appliances you aren’t actively using, the opportunities for money saving are abundant. However, even if you are doing all of these things, if you…

Types of Lighting That Add to Your Decor

When choosing lighting installation in Columbia for your home, office, or business, you may not realize how important your choice of lighting is. Lighting impacts every aspect of your environment – and no one knows this better than the electrical and lighting experts at Kolb Electric! Let’s go over some of our top picks for…

Home Remodel Projects that Require an Electrician in Gaithersburg

There are some jobs out there that you can very well do all on your own. But there are others that need the guidance and experience of a certified electrician in Gaithersburg. Considering a renovation or remodel for your home and not sure what you’ll need an expert for? Follow along with the team at…

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