Electricians in Arlington, Virginia

Electricity is a huge part of your everyday life. When your systems start to fail, it can be a massive headache. Luckily, Kolb Electric is here to help.

Our electricians know the ins and outs of electrical installation, replacement, and repair. We can look over your system, discuss your troubles, and provide the solution you need.

From Benjamin Banneker Park to the DCA and everywhere in between, we’re your go-to electrician for all your needs. Contact us online or call us at (877) 287-1179 to schedule electrical services of any kind.

Rewiring breaker panel

Arlington, VA Residential Electricians

Residential properties use a lot of electricity, especially when the whole family is home. You need reliable power to cook food, use your computer, light your home, and more. The crew at Kolb Electric can help ensure you have the power you need. We offer:

Wherever you live west of the Potomac, you can depend on Kolb Electric to provide expert-level electrical services. Contact our crew or call us at (877) 287-1179 to start today.

parking lot lighting with LED lights

Commercial Electricians in Arlington, VA

As a business owner, you understand how vital electricity can be to your workday. If you lose power, you lose income — it’s that simple. When you have electrical issues at your business, count on Kolb Electric for the solution. Our team can:

  • Visit your workplace to evaluate the situation
  • Discuss your repair or replacement options
  • Get to work restoring your vital electrical systems

Don’t lose business over electrical issues that the pros can fix easily. Contact our team online or call us at (877) 287-1179 to schedule a visit from Arlington, VA’s premier electricians.

Signs You Need Electrical Services

Electrical issues almost always provide warning signs that you need to call an expert for help. Look for these issues:

  • Flickering lights: When your lights flicker, it’s usually because an appliance struggles to find the power it needs.
  • Smoke or burning smells: When appliances overheat, they may let off a burning scent that indicates something is failing within the system.
  • Sparking or buzzing sounds: When you see sparks coming from an outlet or hear buzzing from a light, it’s a sign that the electrical connections are not tight.

Trust Kolb Electric to get your electrical system working like new. Contact us online or call us at (877) 287-1179 to get started on your repairs.

Schedule Arlington Electrical Services Now

Kolb Electric has provided expert electrical care for Arlington, VA, since 1925. Our licensed and insured technicians can carefully work on your system and provide the repairs that fit your situation. Our family-owned business believes in offering upfront pricing and honest work for every customer.

You can trust Kolb Electric to get your system working like new. Call us at (877) 287-1179 or contact us online to schedule the repairs or replacements you need.



Do I need a repair or replacement of my electrical system?

Several variables come into play when determining whether you might need a minor electrical repair or whole-system replacement. No matter your specific electrical problem, our expert technicians can visit your property to analyze the issue and determine if repair or replacement is best.

Do you offer emergency assistance?

Yes! Kolb Electric provides 24/7 emergency electrical services for Arlington, and the surrounding area. Electrical emergencies could be as simple as a blown fuse or something more serious, like an exposed live wire. If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency, don’t hesitate to call us at 877-287-1179 or contact us online!

Should I invest in security lighting for my home?

Outdoor security lighting can provide homeowners with a feeling of safety, whether this safety comes from deterring unwanted guests or knowing that lights will be on when walking around outside your home at night. Security lighting allows homeowners to ensure that their property is well lit when they want it and when they need it. There are several options for outdoor security lighting, and our experts can help you decide which choice is right for you and your home.

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