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Lighting Installation Tips from Our Electricians in Springfield

lighting installation by our electricians in springfield

Thinking about some lighting installation projects for your home? Getting more lighting is always fun and exciting, but before you make the call to your electricians in Springfield to get started, there might be some things you want to make certain you address. The team at Kolb Electric is here today to drop you some nice tips on lighting installation!

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Four Big Tips for Lighting Installation in Springfield

Lighting installation—no matter which kind, be it a recessed lighting installation or a chandelier installation—can be a great project for your Springfield home, whether you’re looking to spruce up appearance, add function, or just want some updates. But they’re also an investment, and you want to be certain you’re getting what you need, which is what our tips are going to be focusing on today.

Think About Where You’re Installing

Will your lighting be going in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility space? If so, it’s very important to note exactly where the light is going. If it’s in these rooms, and especially if it’s going to be lower in the room, you’ll want to ensure your new fixtures are water and moisture safe. Getting the wrong kind of lighting in these situations is not only unsafe, but it can waste your investment by forcing you to replace again in the near future!

Know What Kind of Lighting You Want

recessed lighting installation in springfield

What type of lighting are you wanting? Is this lighting going to be practical? Decorational? The difference is important! Decorative lighting and overall room lighting typically uses larger, unfocused fixtures that generate a lot of light that covers a wide area. However if your lighting is practical (most often called task lighting), then you’ll want something more focused like track lighting or recessed lighting. Task lighting is most typically used in kitchens, or around office desks.

Is Your Wiring Already in Place?

Are you simply needing/wanting new fixtures, or will the job need to be wired? Your electricians in Springfield will know, but it’s important for you to as well! It won’t do to get a quote on a simple fixture installation, only to find that you need a wiring service, too. Being informed keeps you from getting surprised by needing additional services, and helps you budget properly for your project!

Know if Your Home Can Handle It

How old is your home, and when was the last time you had a heavy-up or upgrade service? If you’re not certain, or the answer is “never”, then you need to look into it! Unfortunately you can’t just endlessly add new fixtures and electrical appliances to a home, since your current electrical panel has a very specific max capability. By adding too much, you open yourself up to:

  • Electrical malfunction
  • Flickering lights
  • Breaker tripping
  • And worse!

If it’s been a while, talk to your electricians in Springfield about whether or not you need an upgrade!

Lighting Installation from Our Electricians in Springfield

When you need certified and licensed electrician in Springfield that you can trust, you need Kolb! Our specialists have been proudly serving your neighbors for decades, and our electricians in Springfield are top of the line for superior service and quality you can depend on. Contact us online today to learn more!

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