Chandelier Installation in DC, VA, MD

If you’re looking for gorgeous, decorative and functional lighting installation, your options are nearly limitless these days. Track lighting, recessed light, task light, we could go on and on. But in the world of lighting, there’s still one fixture that reigns supreme in the way of luxurious, high-class style. We’re talking about chandeliers, in case you hadn’t caught on!

The fully trained electricians at Kolb Electric can guarantee a chandelier installation that is sure to please! Our team works endlessly toward being the absolute best source of electrical services in Maryland, DC and Virginia. The specialists at Kolb bring all of the skill, knowledge and tech needed to install your chandelier quickly, efficiently and perfectly!

If you need chandelier installation for your Maryland home, contact the experts at Kolb! You can reach us anytime online, or over the phone at 877-385-0818.

What Are the Benefits of a Chandelier Installation?

A chandelier is an excellent addition to any home. Not sure of what benefit a chandelier installation can bring to your home? Well, the perks might surprise you:

  • Design statement. A chandelier can alter the feel of any room, with one simple installation! They work exceptionally, either in tandem with the overall design of your space and lighting scheme, or they can make in independent impact all their own.
  • Space saving. If you’re familiar with home design at all, you know space is at a premium. A chandelier provides a bounty of light suitable for practical or decorative purpose, and takes up none of your precious floor space!
  • Lighting options. Chandeliers are unique among fixtures in that they provide a myriad of lighting options even with the same fixture. Bulbs can simulate candlelight, provide a wide array of lumens (brightness), or even diffuse color throughout the room.
We also offer light lift installations for easy chandelier cleaning and maintenance!

Why Choose Kolb for Your Chandelier Installation in MD, VA, and DC?

Kolb is a family owned and operated business that has been providing various electrical services throughout the Baltimore and Washington, DC Metropolitan areas for nearly a century! What does that mean for you? It means that you get a company that provides dependable, professional work, with a personal touch! We are committed to providing superior electrician services for residential spaces, as well as industrial, commercial, and construction businesses.

Kolb Electric features one of the largest fleets in the Mid-Atlantic region. This means we’re fully equipped and capable to handle jobs of any size, small or large.

Our fully trained electricians take great pride in providing the absolute best to our patrons. And by the best, we mean the best service, the best products and the best results possible! We’re never satisfied with our work until you are, whether it’s a full home rewiring, or a simple chandelier installation!

Chandelier Installation with Kolb Electric

Think a chandelier might be just the thing for your new home design? So do we! And we’re more than happy to help you complete your home vision with an excellent and pain-free installation. Contact one of our experts today to learn more, or to set an appointment!

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