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Why Electricians in Baltimore Are Worried About Faulty Hot Tub Wiring

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It doesn’t feel like it yet, but fall is coming! Cooler weather and clearer nights are on the way; perfect time for some home hot tub relaxation. But when our electricians in Baltimore talk hot tubs, we have some concerns. These stem from various issues, but they can all mean one thing in the end: danger.

At Kolb Electric, your safety always comes first. Yes, even before our service (though you might argue that they go hand-in-hand; we would). If you’re considering a hot tub installation, or you’re just getting primed and ready to make use of the one you have, there are some factors we would like you to consider.

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Hot Tub Worries: Faulty Wiring, and Other Concerns

The definition of the word faulty is “working badly or unreliably because of imperfections”, so when we’re talking wiring, faulty can mean old or damaged, or poorly installed. Both of these are equally dangerous and can lead to electric shock, electrocution, and fires! It’s serious business and we aim to help ensure you never deal with these potential threats.

So why are we so worried about hot tubs? Aside from the fact that they’re almost literally giant bathtubs with an electric current, once they’ve been installed many homeowners opt to never have the wiring inspected for water damage or replaced.

And even further beyond, some homeowners regard hot tub wiring as a DIY job. It’s really, really not. Wiring can get complex, and when you’re dealing with something as potentially volatile as electricity (especially when that electricity is surrounded you water!), even the tiniest mistake can become a harmful and even deadly issue.

So how do you get the glorious hot tub you’ve always dreamed of with none of the risks? Do these:

  • Have your hot tub professionally installed. Our electricians in Baltimore have years of experience and some of the best training in the industry. Experts know hot tub wiring, and can ensure your setup is safe to enjoy.
  • Have your wiring checked. Wiring can age and degrade, especially when you are using appliances and tools that chew up a lot of electricity. Have your wiring checked routinely to ensure safety.
  • Keep an eye out for warning signs. If you notice shorts, your breaker for the hot tub is flipping, the lights flicker; anything at all, have it checked by a professional electrician.

Professional Electricians in Baltimore

Hot tubs are made to be enjoyed, not worried over! When you’re ready for an installation, trust in the team at Kolb. Or if you’ve already got a hot tub, let our team make sure your system is working safely and effectively. Contact our experts today for the superior service and safety assurance you deserve!

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