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Common Electrical Problems Our Baltimore Electricians See

Kolb Electric, here, and we wanted to discuss a fairly common topic we’ve noted with our patrons as of late. We’ve been getting a lot of “Is this normal?” Or “Is this a common problem?” questions on our projects and calls recently. This got us to thinking; maybe people would be interested in learning a bit about what electrical problems our Baltimore electricians encounter regularly.

What would we consider to be a fairly normal issue? And what would be an oddball? Answers to this and more today in:

Common Problems Handled by our Baltimore Electricians

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No problem is ever “normal’, per se. That’s why it’s a problem! But there are certainly some issues we see regularly:

  • Broken, failed or useless outlets. More common for older homes and buildings, outlets that have become faulty is a fairly regular issue. Over time, the wiring in outlets settles, and begin making contact it shouldn’t be, making the outlet spark, or become inactive.
  • Poor or faulty appliance wiringUsually this is due to shoddy electrical work, or Do It Yourselfers (Nothing at all against DIY solutions, we just feel that those kinds of projects don’t belong when a small mistake can mean a burning house!). Incorrectly wired appliances can spark, work sporadically or create power surges.
  • Blinking or stuttering lights. Evidence of power surges or a beat up breaker box, this problem might actually be our most commonly serviced issue.
  • Generator failure. Most homeowners leave a generator completely unattended until they need it. This can be a problem, as over time they may begin to wear out or fail to remain operable. Regular generator maintenance is important!

Why Are These Problems Important?

So why do we feel like it’s a good idea to clue you in on our most common repairs? Partially because information is fun, but mostly because problem is the key word here. Understanding that these common issues are indeed problems that should be looked into by our Baltimore electricians is important.

Any instance of poor wiring, flickering lights, under-maintained equipment or general electrical funny business should be addressed right away! Leaving them alone or ignoring them can be hazardous, or can lead to much larger electrical problems. So have them handled by a pro right away!

Professional Electrical Repair In Maryland

If you note any of the issues we mentioned today (or any other electrical problems), contact the certified Baltimore electricians at Kolb today! Our experts can have your electrical appliances and wiring in perfect working order in no time at all!

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