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Many of us depend on the consistent use of a microwave on a day to day basis without a second thought. Just plug in and away you go, ready to heat food and drink at the press of a button! But were you aware that your microwaves should always be operated on a specific, dedicated circuit all on its own? You may wonder why that is, and our fully trained electricians here at Kolb Electric are here to give you the answers.

Our fully trained electricians have the skill, experience and tech to provide for your every electrical need. We’ve been supplying honest, dependable service to Maryland, Virginia and DC for nearly a century. That longevity and success was achieved through consistent service, and peerless dedication to your specific needs. Let our team help you with a dedicated circuit for your microwave today!

Contact Kolb Electric today for your microwave circuit installation. We can be reached any time, either by making an appointment online, or via phone call at 877-287-1179.

Why Do I Need a Dedicated Circuit for My Microwave?

Generally speaking, the electricity of your home was wired to supply all of the power access you need. But this is often untrue for older homes, or homes where you want to install and operate appliances in unintended locations. But why do you need a circuit dedicated specifically to your microwave? Because a microwave demands a surprisingly high amount of power (anywhere between 600 and 1500 watts. That’s ten times more than your television on the low end!). Because of this, sharing a circuit with other appliances can result in some very annoying issues. If the microwave will operate at all.

Operating a microwave without a dedicated circuit can result in:

  • Frequent breaker trips and blown fuses. When the load you demand from a circuit exceeds what it can safely supply, your breaker flips (or in older homes, your fuse may burn out). This denies you the use of your appliances, and can be exceedingly frustrating.
  • Stuttering of electricity, and flickering lights. Exceeding the demand of your circuit puts a lot of stress on the panel in your home. This can result in a persistent flicker that will not abate until operation of your microwave ceases.
  • Serious electrical damage. In severe cases, using a shared circuit with high-demand appliances can result in burnt wires, permanent panel damage and worse.

Why Depend on Kolb Electric?

Kolb has been family-owned and operated since our establishment in 1925. What does this mean to you? It means we provide dedication and honesty to all of our consumers, and we have the history to understand your specific needs. For peerless service and skill, contact Kolb for all of your electrical needs!

We can supply for any service, from troubleshooting and repair, to installation and replacement for your home or business. We offer the right work, at the right price, regardless of what you require.

Our MD, DC, and VA Electricians Are…

  • Courteous, professional, and reliable
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Trained to handle any electrical problem that may arise
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and parts
  • Capable of handling residential, commercial and industrial needs

Contact Kolb Electric for Your Microwave Circuit Needs in Maryland, Virginia and DC

For service that exceeds expectations in all regards, contact the fully trained electricians at Kolb Electric today!

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