Can I do my own electrical repairs?

This is a question we get all the time at Kolb Electric. And our answer is always the same:

“Unless you are already trained in working with electrical systems, we STRONGLY recommend AGAINST trying to service your electrical system yourself.”

There are some DIY projects you can take on with minimal problems—painting the walls, repairing faucets and toilets, even building a deck if you’re particularly industrious. Of course, one wrong move with paint isn’t going to electrocute you, and repairing a faucet doesn’t necessarily put your life at extreme risk!

Unlike painting or plumbing, electricity is extremely dangerous and making a mistake can have deadly consequences. This is especially true if you don’t already know what precautions to take, or if you try to go the job in a hurry without planning things out properly.

Many accidents that occur during DIY electrical repairs are the result of people being unfamiliar with the power of electricity and with the electrical circuits in their own homes. Especially in older homes, it can be difficult to tell which outlets, appliances, and light fixtures are located on a particular circuit—even more so if the breaker box is improperly labeled or if the label has faded over time. Many times, we’ve seen people try to figure out what appliances are on what circuit by flipping them all off one by one and then flipping them back on. While common, this can be incredibly dangerous—some outlets and lighting fixtures that are close together might not be on the same circuit, and if you think an outlet is dead when it’s hot, it could spell disaster.

Keeping up with code compliance is another reason you should only trust a fully trained electrician to perform your electrical service. Any DIY electrical work performed without proper training and licensing will cause you to fail a home inspection and put you in direct violation of building and safety codes. As a result, you’ll need to hire an electrician to repair your DIY repair work! Not to mention, those safety codes exist for a reason – and not adhering to them could put yourself and your family in danger.

When it comes down to it, DIY electrical repair is simply not worth the risk. Just leave it to us—call Kolb Electric at 877-385-0818 or click here!

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