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Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your electric bill? Or has your bill gradually increased month-over-month? Whatever the problem you’re facing, an increase in electricity costs is never fun—so we want to help you make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your electric bill as low as possible. Most families waste energy in a number of ways, ways that are easy to stop, given a little awareness.

Common Reasons for an Unusually High Electric Bill

  • Inefficient light. Illuminating an entire room with an overhead light is one common way families waste energy. It’s better to use smaller lamps, just in the area you need them.
  • Improper appliance usage. Running a partially-full washing machine or dishwasher uses just as much electricity as running a full load. By using your appliances smarter, you can take one big step to reducing your electric bill!
  • Inefficient mechanical systems. Housing your electric water heater in an unheated basement can add to your winter electric bill—so can those dirty air filters in your air filter and cooling systems!

Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

  1. Make sure your devices and appliances are really off. So-called energy vampires like computers, DVRs and even coffee machines, switch to standby mode when they are turned off. That allows them to power-up quickly when you want to check your email, brew a quick cup of coffee, or record a favorite TV show. However, being on standby 24/7 takes power—power that could be running up your electric bill. Avoid this problem by plugging these types of devices into power strips and turning the entire strip off when you’re done using the device.
  2. Upgrade your old appliances and mechanical systems. If your refrigerator, dishwasher, or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it could very well be contributing to your high electric bill. New appliances and mechanicals are much more energy efficient than those sold just a few years ago.
  3. Go easy on the chargers. If your household is like most, you have a dozen or more devices that run on re-chargeable batteries. Cellphones, tablets and MP3 players require frequent charging—but leaving them plugged into the wall even when you’re not charging a device can waste electricity.

Take Care of Your Maryland, Virginia, and DC Electrical Needs with Kolb Electric

At Kolb Electric, we don’t want you to pay any more than necessary on your electric bills. Our experienced, fully licensed electricians can help you make smart decisions about your electrical usage so you can keep your utility bills down. After all, we’ve been helping Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC home and building owners with their electrical needs for more than 90 years. We know a thing or two about what we’re talking about! For tips to help you save on your electric bill and/or to set up an appointment for your home or building, give us a call at 877 287-1179.

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