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Try Smart Technology Gift for the Tech-Savvy!

Find yourself scratching your head over what kind of gifts to bring your friends, family or loved ones this holiday season? The experts at Kolb Electric may not have all of the answers you’re looking for, but we may have a few solid suggestions! Allow us the opportunity to take the sting out of gift giving this season with one of our personal favorites: Smart Home Technology. A smart technology gift is sure to put you at the top of the gifting pyramid.

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What Is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Tech is a very broad term that includes any electrical installation that improves your control over your home. This can be done with remotes, control panels, and even your phone! Smart technology gifts can be applied to virtually any electrical installation in your home. This means lights, sound, HVAC systems, security and even certain appliances (Smart coffee pots are a miracle).

So what does smart technology have to do with the exchanging of gifts? Well, what better gift than one that has a positive impact on the receiver’s everyday life? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Smart Technology In the Home: Our Favorites

  • Entertainment. If your recipient is an avid watcher, smart television is a gift that simply cannot go wrong. With access to every form of social media, streaming, and virtually any channel, smart TV has pretty much everything. And it can all be controlled by a phone or tablet. Neat! There are also excellent options for full-home speaker systems and surround, for television or simply music.
  • Quality of life. We’ve already mentioned the coffee pot, and that’s a surefire sell. But there are nearly limitless options. Lighting settings, scent diffusion, temperature controls that track your activity level. Heck, there’s even flooring available that lights up as you walk on it. If you’re aiming to provide a gift that adds a simple, yet impactful improvement to someone’s life, a smart tech gift is the way to go.
  • Home security. The value of safety and security can never be understated. For family or friends, consider a smart locking system. This is a door bolt activated by the homeowner’s touch. Unfamiliar persons will be ignored, giving the owner a reliable method of home access that’s pretty cool to boot!
  • Cooking. For the culinarian in your circles, consider smart cookware. From something as simple as a smart slow cooker, to installing a smart oven, you can find nearly anything. Control temperatures, cook times and variables by a control panel, touch screen or even your phone. These are one of our true favorites.

Electrical Installation with Kolb

A lot of these fancy gadgets and awesome device need expert installation to work properly. We can provide the very best in electrical installation and services, and the expertise of our certified specialists is second to none. Contact Kolb Electric today to learn more about our installation services!

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