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All About Lighting, Part 1: Outdoor Lighting Design

At Kolb Electric, some of our favorite projects we do involve lighting design and installation. Well done outdoor lighting design is one of the most impressive projects you can undertake, and when done properly, it can add curb appeal and value as well as safety and utility to your home. There are a number of important design considerations to make to ensure your outdoor lighting is as effective as possible, including:

Think about your indoor living – outdoor lighting should graze your home’s exterior and go up—not in. When installing outdoor lighting, it’s important to make sure none of your lights shine directly into any windows in your home, creating an annoying and disruptive spotlight effect.

Keep entranceways visible – you especially don’t want spotlights in any entranceways in your home. Spotlights shine directly into your and your guests’ eyes, and can cause them to miss steps while approaching. You don’t want your lighting to interfere with anyone trying to walk through your front door. If it does, the lighting isn’t making your space any safer—it’s making it worse!

Maintain balance with coach lights – coach lights, which are wall sconce lights you see outdoors in many homes, should be incorporated into outdoor lighting in a way that enhances the whole light scheme’s design. This may involve dimming the coach lights so the whole design looks elegant and balanced and the elements don’t compete.

Maximize the spread of light – one of the most important things to consider when designing an outdoor lighting scheme is making sure the light is evenly spread across the exterior of your home. You don’t want any dark spots that will look awkward and may present a security risk. The right outdoor lighting designers can even help get around issues such as decks and porch overhangs blocking light to a second floor.

Light walkways correctly – path lighting is one area where outdoor lighting can go very right or very wrong. If you use high quality path lights with a large light spread, it’s easy to get the perfect look with just a few fixtures. One mistake many people make is using too many fixtures, which can end up creating a walkway that looks like an airport runway!

Use lighting to enhance your landscaping – using outdoor lighting effectively involves finding ways to highlight specific features of your home, from low-growing flowers and bushes to trees and anything else you want to showcase.

The outdoor lighting designers at Kolb Electric will take these and many other considerations into account when designing the perfect outdoor lighting setup for your home. If you’re ready to get started, call us today!

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