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How to Design Outdoor Security Lighting

Posted on: October 20, 2017

Choosing an effective outdoor security lighting system can offer you a whole lot of advantages. They’re ideal for keeping you and your family safe while traversing a Maryland evening around the home’s exterior, and when done right they can even deter would-be troublemakers. But what exactly is an efficient lighting system design? Is there a right and wrong way to design outdoor security lighting? There is! And Kolb Electric is here to ensure you get the former.

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How to Do It the Right Way

The important elements of a security lighting system include addressing both active and passive safety lighting, as well as understanding what helps and what hurts.

Design Lighting With Visibility in Mind

You want your security lighting to both deter crimes, and to more frequently deter possibly falling over an unwound garden hose or misplaced toy. It’s all about keeping visibility high, but that doesn’t mean just sticking twenty lights along the front of your house! Too much can hurt, blinding you against potential risks.

  • Design to avoid shadows. The biggest pitfall of a bad lighting design tends to always be too many shadows. Tons of bright light installed willy-nilly means a lot of cast shadows, which can present you with a risk of injury, and can present an intruder with an advantage.
  • Keep location in mind. You want to match the right kind of lights with the correct placement. That means installing lights high up (so as not to be tampered with) and using the right kind of lights. Flood lighting and motion lights can work very well near outbuildings and along the sides of your home, but it needs to be installed carefully in order to really work at all.
  • Ensure full coverage where it’s needed. Where do you want your lights? The walkways, driveway, entry doors, and windows are all good picks. But make sure coverage is even. Sticking a spotlight on a single fixed space just makes shadows, and it looks quite ugly, too. Just because it’s security lighting doesn’t mean it’s not part of your outdoor decoration and design.

Design Active & Passive Lighting

Passive lighting tends to act as a safety measure first and foremost, including things such as illuminating walkways and paths, or driveways and the path to your shed or garage. Active lighting is more frequently a deterrent (or sometimes just convenience), and these lights include motion lights.

Motion lighting is most effective in entry areas of your home, since they’re supposed to deter entry. They’re also a good way of getting convenient emergency or security lighting, but you have to keep in mind going briefly blind when it kicks on in the middle of the night!

Outdoor Security Lighting Installation in Maryland & Virginia

When you’re ready to get proper outdoor lighting that you can trust to boost your safety and security you want experts who can get the job done right. For all things electronic, including outdoor lighting, you can always trust the certified and licensed professionals at Kolb Electric! Just contact us today to get started!

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