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Why Did My Generator Fail?

generator located on the side of a brick and siding building. Generator is white. Commercial generators are the best way to keep your business running if a power outage occurs. There are several reasons why your generator may fail. Depending on the work you do, a lack of power may only be a minor inconvenience. If your business requires electricity to maintain safety, it can be a hazard if your generator fails.

Causes of Generator Failure

A generator is a finely tuned machine that needs to be carefully maintained if you want it to work correctly. If your generator stops working, there are a few things you can troubleshoot on your own, or you can call the professionals at Kolb Electric and have them do it for you.

Battery Issues

Over time, the battery in your generator will wear out and not hold a charge. Charge the battery and see if it will start the generator. If not, have your battery checked and replace it if necessary. If you don’t use your generator for long periods, the battery will eventually lose its charge.

No Maintenance

If you don’t maintain your generator, unexpected problems may occur. Have your generator inspected about once a year to ensure that it is in good working and has no worn or damaged parts that could cause it to break down. A lack of regular maintenance can lead to a variety of problems.


Leaking oil or leaking fuel, either way, your generator is going to have problems. Look for wet areas on the engine itself or watch for spots that appear under the engine when it is running or if it has been sitting in one place for a long time. Keep a close eye out for leaks, especially if your generator sits idle for long periods of time.

Empty Fuel Tanks

If you try to start the engine and it only cranks, the first thing to check is the fuel tank. It’s not a good idea to leave fuel in the tank for a long time. If you haven’t used the generator in a while, it may just be out of gas.

Lack of Coolant

Engines will overheat if they do not have enough coolant. Before you start your generator for the first time, check the fuel and the coolant. Starting your generator without sufficient coolant may damage the seals if it overheats.

Generator Inspections

Having your generator inspected annually is an essential part of its maintenance. During an inspection, the technicians at Kolb Electric will check all the details and ensure everything is in good condition and working properly. Inspecting and maintaining your commercial generator will prevent any inconvenience caused by a failure to start. Proper maintenance also ensures that your generator will run as efficiently as possible.

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