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Common Winter Electrical Problems in Baltimore to Watch Out For

Posted on: November 13, 2016

electrical problems in baltimore

Winter is slowly taking over here in Maryland. And after the summer we had, no one’s complaining (just yet)! But while the holidays offer up lots of fun, and the cool of winter is currently quite welcome, the season has its fair share of electrical worries unique to itself. Want to be prepared for anything winter might toss your way? We can arm you with some common winter electrical problems in Baltimore. Read on with the electricians at Kolb Electric!

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Our Baltimore Electricians Weigh In on Common Winter Electrical Problems

Keep wary of these concerns, and you’ll find yourself comfortably enjoying the finer points of the season this year:

  1. Old appliance troubles. To ward off the worst of a winter, the odds are good that you’ve broken out a space heater or two, and maybe an electric blanket to bridge any gaps left by your trusty furnace. But while these tools are an excellent way to stay cozy, do keep in mind that the older they get, the more likely they are to cause damage to your home. Be sure to check them thoroughly and monitor them well for a bit at the start of this season.
  2. Tripping breakers. There’s no way around it. Winter eats up a lot of power. Holiday decorations, heating systems, more lights running than usual, and portable heaters are all running fast and hot. Winter is the number one time our specialists suggest heavy-ups. Over the year, you’ve gotten ahold of any number of new tools, appliances, and upgraded home tech. And all of those fancy bits have added a lot to the overall electrical load in your home. Often enough, older panels (breaker boxes) can’t keep up, and may need to be updated.
  3. Burnt out outlets. As we’ve mentioned, winter tends to bring a need for a lot of additional electrical use. Many of these, most notably heating devices, chew up tons of electrical power. Do keep in mind that these sorts of appliances should be run on a dedicated circuit. And they should never be plugged into extension cords or power strips. Those things just weren’t made to handle electrical loads that large, and you could be opening yourself to the risk of an electrical fire. If you’re running short on outlets, simply call your Baltimore electrician to install more!
  4. Overheating space heaters. Our electricians in Baltimore can attest to the fact that overheating space heaters cause a LOT of house fires in winter. And by a lot, we mean one-third. Unplug them when they aren’t in use, don’t leave them on when you aren’t in the room, and never plug them into extension cords.
  5. Static shock. Even though they’re painful, most static shocks won’t harm you. They can become dangerous, however, when there is an unchecked or damaged electrical current, or flammable substances near. In winter, static electricity is worse due to a lack of air humidity, leading to a charge imbalance in dry materials like clothes and carpets. The drier the air is, the bigger the risk. To prevent static, have a humidifier running and be careful about the fabrics you choose to wear. Be careful around flammable liquids (like gasoline!) and never touch anything sparking.

Winter Electrical Safety and Services with Kolb

Is your home prepared and equipped for all of your burgeoning winter electrical needs? If not, contact a Baltimore electrician from Kolb Electric today to get the dependable services you need!

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