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Electrical Issues To Look for Before Winter Ends

When winter is in full swing, your home’s heating, plumbing, and electrical systems work under challenging conditions to keep you comfortable. The additional strain on your system means you may experience electrical problems before the season ends. Our certified, licensed, and insured electricians at Kolb Electric can help you resolve any electrical issues. There is no problem too complex, challenging, or dangerous for our team to solve, including the following issues you may encounter!

Tripped Circuit Breakers

The additional demands the season puts on your appliances mean a higher likelihood that you will experience a tripped circuit breaker at some point. This is especially true if you operate portable heaters, home theater systems, or advanced appliances with significant power requirements. If you have frequently tripped breakers, upgrading your electrical system can better accommodate your growing power needs.

Electrical Outages

High winds, heavy snow, accidents, and grid failures can all cause power outages in your home. If your home’s wiring, panels, etc., are older, outdated, or poorly installed or maintained, you may experience an outage or two. In most cases, annual testing, upgrading your panel, and installing a generator can help tremendously. You may also consider upgrading or rewiring your home to meet your current electrical needs and the demands of modern state-of-the-art electronics.

Outdated Equipment/Appliances

Outdated equipment and appliances can pose a significant health and safety hazard. As electronics, space heaters, electric blankets, etc., age and wear out, they can spark an electrical fire. While durable and reliable, most heating appliances aren’t designed to last more than five years. Replacing them can enhance your comfort and protect the safety of your family and home. If you have a space heater, you must watch it closely because it can overconsume electricity and overheat with no warning.

Burnt-Out Lights

If your lights are burning out quickly or if you have lights that like to flicker, it indicates a problem with your power supply. It can also suggest that your wiring or the bulbs themselves are not in the best condition, and it may be advantageous to consider replacing the wiring in your home or the lightbulbs you buy from the store.

Sparking Outlets

Sparking outlets can happen at any time of year, but they are common in the winter. Outlets that get too hot, spark, or stop delivering current should be inspected and repaired promptly. In many cases, these issues are caused by bare wires that pose a considerable risk of fire or electrocution. Even if you don’t see sparks, you may smell burning rubber or plastic, ozone odors, or other indications that your outlets are in a precarious state.

Choose Kolb Electric

Our professionals know the challenges your electrical systems face each winter. From overloading to weather damage, we will help you determine the best solution for your needs. We adhere to strict safety and quality standards, whether repairing an outlet, replacing an electrical panel, installing an emergency generator, or rewiring your home. We are always happy to answer your questions and go above and beyond to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our services.

Contact Kolb Electric online or at 877-287-1179 to schedule fast and reliable electrical service in Reston, VA.

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