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What a Baltimore Electrician Does on a Code Inspection

Been keeping up with our blog? If so, you may have been noticing a lot of talk about electrical code, and how important it is. Why all of the insistence? Because code is code for a reason! Not only is the electrical code here in Baltimore set to protect your home, but it protects you as well. And to the electricians at Kolb Electric, nothing is more important than your safety!

This is why your Baltimore electricians offer comprehensive code inspections. We want to guarantee your home or business is safe and secure. And we want to keep you out of possible legal issues, too! And that’s always good. But what exactly is a code inspection, and what does it entail? Let’s find out!

Electrical Code Inspections: The Process

When we provide an electrical code inspection in Baltimore, we want to cover each and every base. This means we start at the top, work our way down, and keep going until we’re satisfied with the safety and integrity of your electrical systems. Our process includes:

  • A check of the electrical panel. We want to know that the panel is operating properly, and if anything needs to be altered. Breakers should reflect your needs, and the panel should do the same.
  • A comprehensive check of all wiring. Damage, over or undersized wiring, signs of disrepair or water damage, etc. Your wiring needs to fit your structure’s needs, and it should be in pristine condition to ensure proper working order and safety.
  • A check of fire safety systems. When applicable (and it should be applicable), our Baltimore electricians will check smoke and fire alarm wiring.
  • An overview of safety violations. Electrical appliances located too close to water sources, a lack of GFCIs where needed, improper use of outlets/power strips, etc. Safety violations are exactly what they sound like, and we take it extremely seriously.
  • Check for partially completed projects. Electrical projects should never be abandoned part way through. Discarded parts, loose wiring, and similar signs of partial projects need to be addressed right away. Otherwise, they pose a danger to home and business owners.

Why Is Code Inspection Important in Baltimore?

Out of all the questions a Baltimore electrician at Kolb receives, this might be one of the easiest. The NEC electrical code was established and remains relevant because electricity, when poorly used or misused, is very dangerous. Code must be observed and enforced, for both safety and legal reasons. And to the team at Kolb, meeting your needs is our primary objective.

Trust Our Baltimore Electricians with Your Electrical Code Inspection

Need code-related services or code corrections from a certified and trustworthy Baltimore electrician? Our specialists would be proud to provide! We’ve been handling electrical services in Maryland for nearly a century, and our name is trusted for a reason. Kolb always brings the best, and we can guarantee you the service you deserve! Contact our experts today!

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