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How to Save Money with Ceiling Fans

Summer’s coming, which means it’s almost time to fire up the air conditioner if you want to stay comfortable in your home. But running an air conditioner can be expensive! Around this time, many people start looking for ways to save cooling costs. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Closing windows and blinds during the day
  • Cooking outside on the grill instead of using the oven or stovetop
  • Saving chores like washing and drying for nighttime when its cooler

Other, more complicated ways people save money on their energy bills include adding insulation and planting trees. And while those are definitely effective and will save you money in the long term, there is an even easier way to save money on your energy bills that you might not have thought of—installing a ceiling fan!

Using Ceiling Fans in the Summer

You probably already know that warm air rises and cool air sinks. During the summer, running your ceiling fan counterclockwise will push air down, moving the cool air around and creating a breeze that will help you feel cooler, even if you turn the thermostat up a few degrees.  Some ceiling fans can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler! During the summer, every degree you turn your thermostat up can save you from 3-5 percent on your cooling bills, so every bit helps.

Having multiple fans running at once can help even more by improving airflow through your entire home, so install them wherever you need them! Ceiling fans tend to be inexpensive and the comfort and savings they provide can’t be beat.

Don’t forget: running your air conditioner doesn’t actually cool your home—it only makes you ­feel­ cooler. Therefore, you should always shut the fan off before you leave the room!

Using Ceiling Fans in the Winter

You may already know that ceiling fans can help you cool off in the summer, but did you know they can also help keep you warmer in the winter? It’s true! Flip the switch on your ceiling fan so your fan will rotate clockwise. This creates a gentle updraft that pushes warm air up against the ceiling and down along the walls to the bottom of the room, making it feel warmer and helping you save up to 15 percent on your heating bills!

The same things apply to fans in the winter as the summer—multiple fans will increase the effect, but you should only run them when your home is occupied.

Ceiling fans are a great investment for anyone looking to save money and stay more comfortable in their homes all year long. If you’re looking for ceiling fan installation in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, call Kolb Electric today!

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