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Should You Install a Heavy Up?

Does Your Home Need a Heavy Up?

How old is your home? If your home is 30 years or older, or if your electrical system has not been updated within the last five to 10 years, it’s probably time to examine your options. What a heavy up does is raise the amperage entering your house through its electrical service panel to enable your system to handle a larger electrical load. Some older homes will also need an electrical system upgrade to meet modern demands. Older homes with older electrical systems aren’t typically able to handle the stress of modern electrical appliances. So what can you do to make sure your home can safely run all of your appliances and electronics? Typically, a heavy up can be the answer to your problems. But should you install one?

Is a Heavy Up Right for Your VA Home?

A heavy up is an increase in the amperage (power) of your main electrical service. But how can you know if your home is in need of an increase of amperage? There are some things you can check to make sure you’re in need:

  • Do your lights flicker when you turn on certain appliances? If you have noticed your lights dimming or flickering when using certain high-powered appliances, you definitely need a heavy up. When your appliances are sapping energy from your lights and other electronics, your home’s wiring isn’t suited to handle the amperage of your home. The heavy up will provide a more consistent electrical supply throughout the house.
  • Does your breaker trip frequently for no reason? Your breaker shouldn’t trip without reason! If it does at seemingly random times, your home’s wiring is probably in need of a heavy up. Your breaker should only trip while under extreme duress — like if you’re running way too many appliances. Under normal use, it shouldn’t trip.
  • Are you planning on expanding your home in the near future? The more square footage in your home, the more electricity your home is going to use. If you’re planning on adding an addition to your home, get ahead of the curve and install a heavy up!


Heavy Up FAQs

What does a heavy up entail?

Depending on your specific goals, you have a range of upgrades available when thinking about a heavy up. Some service upgrades are as simple as adding a few additional circuit breakers to the existing box, or expanding the box with a subpanel. More complex upgrades may include things like replacing a fuse box or an aging panel with one that allows for higher energy capacity. A Kolb Electrician can evaluate the condition of your current panel with any problems you are experiencing to determine how extensive your upgrades will be.

How long does a heavy up take?

The time depends on the job. Adding additional breakers to an existing panel is usually pretty quick, often taking less than an hour. Installing a subpanel is not too complicated either, often taking no more than a few hours.

Where it starts to take a long time is when you need to make serious upgrades. If you need to replace a fuse box or circuit main, you could be looking at a job that takes all day.

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