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How to Choose the Layout of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has fast become a favorite among new and old homeowners alike. It’s versatile, very attractive, and is quite cost-effective as well. A winning combo if you ask our lighting specialists! But like any kind of lighting, the effectiveness of your recessed lighting installation hinges on the design and layout of both the room and the lighting itself. Looking for some pointers? Kolb Electric can provide the guidance you’re looking for!

Our lighting installation team can help you build the ideal recessed lighting layout for your home. Just contact us online now to get started!

Defining the Use of Your Lighting

First thing’s first, you’ll want to decide exactly what you want from your lighting. Recessed lighting is very effective for both functional and decorative purposes, and it can in fact play both roles quite well at the same time. But knowing if you want it solely for task lighting or for highlighting designs or features in your home is going to go a long way in deciding how to implement it.

No matter what purpose you choose, you will absolutely want to use a floor plan or blueprint to lay things out. Recessed lighting is attractive, cost-effective, and quite useful. But it’s also quite difficult to remove or move once installed, so you want to get it right on one go.

Layouts for Functional Lighting

More commonly called “task lighting,” functional lighting layouts seek to adequately and effectively illuminate rooms. The goal is to provide plenty of high quality light at points where you plan on or routinely perform tasks or need light in order to function and move freely in a room. The basics here are simple:

  • You’ll want to plan for or position lights somewhat directly over or near important spaces on the room. As an example in a kitchen you’ll want light planned to be near or over countertops.
  • For functional lighting you never, or almost never, want recessed lights to be installed within a couple of feet from the wall. When installed too close the lights will cast heavy shadows, impeding the effectiveness and visibility of the room.
  • How many lights you need and how far spaced they should be depends on the size of your room and whether or not the recessed lighting is the sole light source. If you plan on using floor/table lights or sconces you’ll want less overhead lights.

Layouts for Decorative Recessed Lighting

Laying out recessed lighting for decorative purposes is a good bit more loose-ended. This is because we’re trailing into the the realm of art at this point, and ultimately art is quite subjective. As a general idea you’ll want to lay out recessed lights to accent focal points in the room, such as near striking furniture, or in such a way that it defines some fancy art.

Recessed Lighting Installation & Design with Kolb Electric

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