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How Much Does Solar Energy Cost in Maryland?

Ever considered utilizing solar energy in your Maryland home? If not, you might give it a glance. Not only is solar energy tech really quite cool, it boasts some unique benefits as well. But, of course, like any decision you make about the home, it all really boils down to its effectiveness, and possibly more importantly, the cost.

At Kolb Electric, we want to bring you all of the latest information and tech! Our team is excited about the advent of solar energy, and sharing what we know is just part of the superior service we provide.

How Much Does Solar Energy Cost in Maryland and DC?

When being used? Practically nothing, aside from maintenance. For solar energy, it’s all about the installation. While solar power isn’t exactly a new thing, implementing it in a larger capacity in United States homes kind of is. In a mainstream sense, at least. Preppers, ingenuitive farmers, and tech nerds have been using it for years.

So, as a reasonably newer need, solar tech installation, such as panels and solar-supported equipment are understandably rather expensive. Assume your home uses the US average amount of electricity (between 600 and 800 kWh) per month. With this estimate, assume you’re wanting you fully solar your home.

You’d be looking at anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000. Do understand that this is a very broad estimate, as individual factors about your home can lower or raise that drastically. There is an endless number of variables involved here, including how much power you want, how large your home is, your solar energy needs, etc.

You would also have to take into account maintenance, as solar equipment will require very specialised training and tools to keep working at maximum potential. Bottom line, how much does solar energy cost? Next to nothing, if anything at all. The equipment, on the other hand, we…it’s an investment.

But Is Solar Energy Worth It in Washington, DC?

top cities for solar energy savings

Above is a map of average energy savings in the US, courtesy of Energysage.

Depending on exactly how you’re going to utilize the solar power, probably yes. Especially (and almost exclusively) if you intend to make your current home permanent. As in you plan on staying there for fifteen, twenty years. To find more exact answers and suss out whether solar power might be something you’re interested, we would highly recommend consulting an energy specialist.

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