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Would Your Home Pass an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A modern home is absolutely inundated with electrical tools, appliances, and fixtures. We rely on these every single day, and yet we rarely if ever stop to consider whether or not our systems are operating correctly and or safely. In order to ensure they are in fact safe and effective, electricians use the standards set by both our training and the NEC electrical code. But you have to actually get an inspection for it to matter!

Would your home pass an inspection? Find out whether or not you pass while Kolb Electric in Baltimore details the most common causes for an inspection failure.

The Most Common Electrical Home Defects

The code is actually very, very strict, and honestly speaking if you haven’t had an inspection in 10, maybe even five years, the odds are good that you need to update a few things. Here are some of the most common faults:

  • Outdated or failed smoke and fire detectors
  • New or modern appliances installed into older wiring or systems
  • Lack of GFCIs in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, home exteriors (anywhere that can be exposed to water)
  • Not using dedicated outlets for major appliances
  • Outdated or incorrectly sized wiring
  • Pull-chain lights as opposed to wall switches
  • Knob and tube wiring present
  • Wire overcrowding, or wiring in contact with insulation or other wires

Kind of a lot, isn’t it? But believe us—that’s not even scratching the surface. There are tons of electrical safety requirements you need to keep up with! But while that may sound frustrating or like a pain, it’s very important. These codes are setup to keep your home safe, your family safe, and to reduce the risks of property loss.

Signs That an Inspection Is In Order

Naturally it would be pretty hard to check a lot of these yourself. So much stuff is in walls, under floorboards, and in other difficult to reach places. And even if you can get to them we would strongly recommend you don’t! There are tons of things that are great to DIY, but electrical is not one of them. At all.

So how do you know when you need an inspection? There are some easy signs to watch out for! Keep aware of these:

  • It’s been too long. Inspections should be performed every five years for a business, and at least every 10 for a home. We’d honestly recommend more often than that for homes, since electrical technology moves so fast these days.
  • Lights are flickering in your home. Lights flickering all the time? Often a sign of outdated or aging wiring, which is inspection-worthy.
  • Breakers trip all the time. Breaker trips are annoying, but they often tell you when something is going wrong. If your breakers trip all the time you might need electrical repair, or at least an inspection.
  • You have outlets that don’t work. Have one of those outlets that don’t supply power when you plug something in? Those are more than just annoying; those are a sign of a big issue somewhere in your home.

Electrical Inspections in MD, VA & DC

Looking for specialists with the tools and training to perform an inspection on your home? Our infrared thermography and standard electrical inspection services are perfect for ensuring you are safe, secure, and within code. Just call Kolb today!

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