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Easy Maintenance for Your Outdoor Lights

Posted on: September 1, 2016

Did you know that your outdoor lighting installation needs maintenance every once in a while? It’s true! To keep your outdoor lights shining bright, there are a few things you should master.

Quick Outdoor Lighting DIY Checklist

Whether you’ve already got a bunch of outdoor lighting or if you’re a first-timer, there is plenty to learn in this checklist. And it’s really quick and easy, too!

Check Exterior Bulbs

The biggest headache for a homeowner is a bunch of burnt out bulbs. If you’re not prepared, it can really eat up time to get the right bulbs. But the solution here is to be prepared! When you first get your outdoor lighting installation, be sure to write down the bulb type for the fixture, and go grab some spares for later use.

After that, it’s all about anticipating need. But how can you tell if a bulb is about to blow out? There are some easy tells! Your bulb is close to bringing out if:

  • It’s burning too bright, or too dim. Fluctuations in how the light performs is the most common sign of an impending blowout. If you spot a light that is dimmer today than it was yesterday, go ahead and swap it out.
  • Your lights are humming. And they can’t even carry a tune. Humming is a sign that the inner workings of the bulb have come loose, which is going to result in a  blowout in the next couple days.
  • Flickering lights. Flickering lights might just be a bit loose. Turn the light off and wait for it to cool, and then check the connection. Try loosening and retightening it. If that fixed it, you’re golden. If not, replace the bulb.

Keeping an eye out for these issues can be a huge time saver, and ensures your bulbs burn beautifully all year long. Just do a quick walk around once a week to check for these common signs!

Check Your Outdoor Lighting Wiring

During your light bulb check, do a quick look over for your wiring. If there are cuts, cracks, or missing bits of wiring, get them replaced with the help of a professional! Faulty wiring can be pretty dangerous when left alone, particularly if it gets damp or if the wiring is coming into contact with flammable materials. Damage is easy to spot, so as long as you’re looking for it, you’re gonna find it.

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Rockville with Kolb

And that’s pretty much it! Any other issues should be handled by a professional for safety reasons, but these two things are the most common causes for exterior lighting failure. Feeling more confident about an outdoor lighting installation now? Contact the certified electricians at Kolb Electric to learn more about how outdoor lighting can benefit your home!

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