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Common Home Electrical Problems

Want to know what the most common electrical problems in DC and Maryland are? Looking to understand how to troubleshoot your home’s electrical, or need to know when to call for a certified electrician? Follow along and our team will clue you in on the five most common problems our electricians handle!

The Most Common Electrical Problems Our Local DC Electricians Repair

Excessive or Damaging Power Surges

Surges can be caused by lighting and other forms of inclement weather. But more commonly they happen as the result of turning on a hair dryer or a microwave—nearly any high-draw appliance can cause a surge, especially if it isn’t on a dedicated circuit.

The problem comes when surges happen too often, or they are too powerful for your home’s wiring to handle. This is most easily avoided by:

  • Ensuring your home’s wiring is safe and up to date
  • Your high-draw appliances are on dedicated circuits
  • Using appliances that are compatible with your electrical systems

The best way to avoid this altogether is to discuss installing a whole-home surge protection system with your electrical contractor.

Overloaded Electrical Circuits

Each circuit in your home routes to a breaker in your home’s breaker panel. These are designed to only handle a specific amount of load before the breaker trips, and if this happens too frequently it can lead to extensive electrical damage. To avoid overloading outlets be sure to:

  • Have an adequate number of outlets in your home to suit your electrical supply needs
  • Avoid using extension cords long-term, and never chain extension cords or power strips

Outdated Home Wiring

It’s important to ensure that your home’s wiring stays healthy, as old wiring can lead to a slew of issues, from simple breaker trips to home electrical fires, and even electrical shock or electrocution.

If you’re unsure about the integrity of your home’s wiring, call an electrician! Most contractors are happy to give you an assessment of your wiring, and they will provide you with an estimate on how long you can expect to go without a rewiring job.

Lighting Problems

Flickering lights are one of the most common signs that a homeowner will spot when their electrical systems are acting up or failing. Much of the time, the lights aren’t even to blame. Just as often the issue lies with a bad breaker, inadequate wattage being allowed into the home, or a lack of grounding wires.

The important thing to understand is that when any of your home’s electrical systems are acting odd, call for an assessment. If you need electrical repair, it’s best to catch a problem early while it’s easier and less costly to handle!

Ineffective, Old, or Outdated Electrical Panels

Today we use more lights, more appliances, and more sophisticated HVAC systems—but all the while you’re still using the breaker panel that was installed in your home 20 years ago. Odds are, the panel is no longer capable of safely meeting your needs, which can often lead to frequent breaker trips, light and appliance problems, and even more dangerous complications.

If you don’t know the age of your breaker panel, call an electrician to talk about a heavy-up panel upgrade! The service is quick, easy, affordable, and can avoid a lot of trouble down the line.

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