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Why should homeowners have whole-house surge suppressors?

The MD, VA, and DC area is known for getting slammed with powerful thunderstorms and other extreme weather events year-round, which in turn causes electrical surges that can destroy your essential and expensive electrical items. These electrical surges can fry every electric item in your home. Fortunately, you can protect all your electrical items with a whole-house surge suppressor.

Whether you live in Baltimore, MD, Fairfax, VA, or Washington, DC, you know the area is known for powerful thunderstorms and other extreme weather events year-round.  You may not think much about these events until they cost you thousands in potential damages from a power surge. Why run the risk of a damaging power surge when the price of protection is so little? Kolb Electric specializes in whole-house surge suppressors that can be installed in a few hours!

Powerful weather events, such as lightning, can be cause for electrical surges. Such events heighten the risk of a surge strong enough to fry your small and large home electric items, including: kitchen appliances, HVAC systems, ceiling fans, televisions and computer systems. If it’s plugged in or wired up, it’s at risk of the damaging effects of an electrical surge. By investing a small amount of money in a whole-house surge suppressor, you have an added layer of insurance to your electronic property, one that can yield a significant return in the saved costs of replacing thousands of dollars in damages. The choice is yours, invest now or pay later! It simply makes sense to protect the most valuable and useful home items – your home electrical devices and systems.

Call Kolb Electric to learn more about how whole-house surge suppressors work and the relatively inexpensive cost to install one today.

Benefits and Costs of a Surge Suppressor

The National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for Business and Home Safety recommend the use of a whole-house surge suppressor. It can typically protect against up to 40,000 volts of current flowing into your home from the outside. When an electrical surge takes place, from say a lightning strike, the device detects the excess current and safely diverts the surge through the home’s grounding path.

As a homeowner, you’ll be happy to know that even a top-of-the-line surge suppressor is affordable. Installation is a routine job for Kolb Electric’s top electrician team. Recognize the fact that the cost of replacing all the electronic equipment in an average home is about $8,000, and often much higher for homes located in the MD, DC, and VA area.

Investing in a whole-house surge suppressor is very affordable insurance against costly electrical surges.  Kolb’s whole-house surge protector systems typically come with a lifetime warranty and added protections for possible losses. Call Kolb Electric today, or contact us online, for more information or to order your whole-house surge protector installation!

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