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Why Is My Security Light Staying On?

security lights won't turn off

Motion-activated security lights won’t turn off in your Bethesda home? This issue can be quite agitating (and energy-wasting) to be sure, but you needn’t worry too much. The problem is actually quite common, and the majority of fixes are simple. With the service experts at Kolb Electric on your side you’ll have your security lights working right in no time!

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When you need specialized electrical services in Maryland you can trust Kolb to offer fast, effective professional solutions! When your security lights won’t turn off contact our repair team right away!

The Most Common Culprit of Stuck Security Lights: Mode Jamming

In the vast majority of cases our Maryland electricians handle the issues simply comes down to the security light being stuck in it’s “always on” mode. This is a common feature that most security lights have, and it can be triggered in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, however, many of those ways are quite unplanned. Security lights won’t turn off when:

  • Power surges occur. Power surges are the most common cause for this problem. The sudden loss and regain of power will trigger your security lights override system, forcing them to stay on indefinitely.
  • The lights are switched off and on too quickly. If you’ve accidentally (or on purpose) flicked the main activation switch for your security lights off and then on again rapidly, you’ll get the same problem, and for pretty much the same reasons.

The good news is this is actually super simple to fix! Simply cut off power to your security lights and leave the power off for a full 30 seconds. After then kick them back on. The light should run for a few minutes, maybe two or three, and then cut off and act normal from now on.

If the problem persists, however, it’s probably time to call in a professional electrician. Contact us and we can repair your Maryland or Virginia security lights. 

Other Potential Issues with Security Lights Settings

There actually aren’t many other problems out there to be had other than sheer age and wear. But you might be dealing with improperly tuned sensitivity settings. If your security lights won’t turn off you should first check the settings to ensure the light isn’t picking up movement too far away. Some systems are powerful enough to detect cars on a highway hundreds of yards away!

Learn more Security Lights tips for your Maryland, DC & Virginia home from expert security light technicians!

Security Light Fixture Repair and Replacement in MD, DC & VA

Still having trouble with your lights? When your Bethesda security lights won’t turn off, you can call on Kolb Electric to get the service you need! We specialize in outdoor lighting services, and can offer you the repair, replacement, or total system installation you need to restore security and safety around your Maryland home.

Repair or Replace Your Security Lights Today!


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