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When to Install a New Circuit

Knowing when to install a new circuit in your home or business may seem like a daunting task. After all, you’re no electrician, and figuring out the details seems stressful! To which we at Kolb say, “No Problem!” There are specific cases and situations where installing a new circuit is really necessary, and all said it’s pretty clear when you need one. That is, if you know what you’re looking for.

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What Is a Circuit?


We’ll skip the science lesson and spare you the details of Ohm’s Law (though it’s fairly interesting reading), and other laws that apply to circuits. What you need to know is that a circuit is a dedicated device that houses electricity reserved for a specific task. Like a circuit for running your fridge, or to plug in your dryer.

A circuit operates in a loop, delivering electricity to the object in need of power, and then returning the electricity to the source (your electrical panel) when on or off. So, why would you need a new circuit? There are two primary cases:

When an Existing Circuit Is Compromised

If your circuit is not operating properly, it’s obviously time to seek a replacement. Not doing so can create some serious issues, the least of which is your appliances not running. A busted circuit can present serious dangers to your home, and should be addressed immediately. You can spot one by:

  • Excessively frequent breaker flipping. Your breakers are designed to flip when a circuit presents a threat like overloading. When a circuit is faulty, it can trigger the breaker to flip very frequently. This s a sure sign of a problem.
  • Stilted or stuttered operation of your appliances. If your fridge, stove, dryer or small appliances jitter on and off repeatedly, there’s likely a circuit issue.
  • Lack of power to appliances, resulting in them being inoperable. A good method of testing whether it’s the appliance or your circuit is by plugging another appliance into the circuit. Run fine? Then it’s the appliance. Doesn’t work either? Probably the circuit, then.

When Planning to Add New Appliances

The other common time to get a new circuit installed is when you plan to add new, improved or newly existing appliances to your home. Many common use electrical machines require a lot of power, and plugging them into an existing circuit shared with other items will likely result in breaker flips.

Why? because a circuit is designed to supply a very specific amount of power, via your breaker. If you exceed the limit the breaker places on your circuit, the breaker will flip and refuse to allow the supply. This is why refrigerators, air conditioning, washing and drying machines and microwaves are often given a dedicated circuit.

Circuit Installation And Repair in MD, VA and DC with Kolb Electric

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