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What to Do When You See a Downed Power Line

There are lots of situations where electricity can become a scary thing, but there are few half as jarring and alarming as a downed power line. The unusual tends to put people in a state of panic, and since a power line is typically white noise at most, seeing one down at ground level can be cause for panic. And you know what? It is!

But you need to know what to do, both for your safety, and the safety of your neighbors, so today our electricians in Baltimore are here to clue you in on what actions to take (and not take) when you spot a downed cable.

Dealing With Downed Power Lines Out and About

If you encounter a downed line while walking the neighborhood, or while somewhere public, your absolute number one priority is to get away, and ensure others are notified if they approach the area. Downed lines are a source of strong, highly-volatile power, and can cause sever injury and even fatality.  That is, don’t touch the line, don’t touch the line with anything, and in general don’t touch anything at all.

If encountering a downed line, do these:

  • Once you are safely distant from the line, call 911 first and foremost. You may, and probably should, also call the utility company, but 911 should be priority.
  • Remain at a minimum of 25-30 feet away, and stay on the scene to ensure others do the same, and are notified of the danger.

How to Respond to a Line Contacting Your Vehicle

If by some awful chance a downed power line contacts your vehicle while you’re in it, the priorities change a bit. In this case, you don’t really want to get away (well, you do want to, but don’t). Instead, do these:

  • Remain inside your vehicle. No matter where the power line is touching your car, getting out is unsafe. The ground around your vehicle, be it earth, asphalt, or any other material, is going to be charged, and dangerously so.
  • Contact 911 immediately, and then the utility company, with the same priority as dealing with a downed line otherwise.
  • IF you don’t have a phone, honk your horn, and call out of your window for help. Be absolutely certain to notify incoming help of the situation quickly and clearly so that they don’t approach the vehicle.
  • Stay in your vehicle until you are told by an electrical authority that it is safe to exit.

What Do I Do if a Power Line Damages My Home Electrical?

Dealing with the downed line will go as before, with you getting away and staying away. However, if the down line damages the electrical in your home, you’ll need to notify our electricians in Baltimore to repair your home’s electrical and restore the safety. Your power will be shut off and will stay that way until an electrician deems the system safe once more.

Call Our Electricians in Baltimore for Electrical Repair!

Has your Maryland home been damaged by a downed power line? You can contact our certified and licensed electricians in Baltimore to provide safe, secure, and speedy electrical repairs!

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