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Technology to Help You Save on Energy in Rockville

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Generally speaking, home and business owners in Rockville are told to avoid the use of technology to accrue higher monthly/yearly energy savings. But what if we told you there is tech out there that is specifically meant to aid in saving electricity and reducing your usage? It’s true, and the certified electricians at Kolb Electric are here to talk about them!

We’ve been supplying top-tier electrical services in Rockville for years. Nothing is more important than your satisfaction and happiness, and whether you need installation, repair, or just a bit of fun information, we’re more than happy to provide!

Our Favorite Energy-Saving Tech:

There is actually a staggering number of tools and equipment out there for saving you energy and providing environmentally-friendly advantages in Rockville. Our favorites include:

  • Solar panels. Solar technology and the harnessing of solar energy is a really cool concept. And you know what? It works exceptionally well! Many homes could benefit from utilizing solar energy, and even assigning a small set of panels to simple tasks (like lighting) can save you loads in the course of a year. Just have to get around that installation cost.
  • “Smart” home technology. If you’re unfamiliar, we’ve gone over smart home technology in the past. But as a nutshell, Smart tech is basically extending greater control over your home’s energy use and operations with apps, wifi applications, and tracking/programmable systems. It can be lights that dim automatically, kitchen appliances that control themselves, or even fully programmable thermostat systems. With all of the options available, and the new tech being developed every day, there are savings to be had for everyone!
  • Geothermal heat pumps. For heating and cooling needs, a geothermal system is pretty neat. These systems operate by tapping into the constant temperatures deep underground, and use it to heat or cool your home as needed. They are exceptionally efficient, and are seeing tons of use throughout the United States.
  • Smart/Efficient power strips. A smaller bit of technology, but equally important, these power strips were designed to track the use of items plugged into them. When nothing has been used for a set period of time, the strip shuts off, effectively going into a “sleep” mode. This operation can save lots of energy, little over little!

Superior Electrical Services in Rockville with Kolb Electric

When you need high-quality, dependable service from certified electricians in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, you can always count on the team at Kolb! We make your needs a priority, and for electrical services in Rockville, there’s simply none better!

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