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Benefits of a Standby Generator for Your Business

In the winter months, having a standby generator is important for your business. But is it right for you? Not all businesses benefit from a standby generator, but for the ones that need one, a standby generator is almost essential!

If you’re in need of a standby generator in the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, contact Kolb Electric today! Our expert electricians can get your business set up and ready for any bad weather that could come your way.

Do You Need a Standby Generator?

Ready, an initiative launched in 2004 by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), focuses on business preparedness. Ready helps owners and managers of small- to medium-sized businesses prepare their employees, operations, and assets in the event of an emergency. If you own or operate a business in MD, DC, or VA, it’s important you understand some of the potential consequences that can result due to extended power outages, as outlined by Ready. These include:

  • Lost sales and income
  • Delayed sales or income
  • Increased expenses—this is a result of overtime labor that results from power outages
  • Customer dissatisfaction or defection
  • Delay of new business plans

Standby Generators for Businesses Create Peace of Mind

Here at Kolb Electric, we can install a standby generator for your business that automatically kicks on within 10 seconds of power loss—which can give you complete peace of mind during a violent storm. We have years of experience installing standby generators for businesses in MD, DC, and VA, and we can tell you that installing a standby generator is a simple, affordable process—we’re one of the top electricians in the area, after all! Why wouldn’t you want cheap insurance against the threat of extended power outages? The standby generators we carry even conduct ultra-quiet weekly self-tests to test operation and performance.

If you’re ready for a standby generator, contact Kolb Electric today!


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