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Help! My Refrigerator Is Making Loud Noises!

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The refrigerator may arguably be the most critical appliance in your home. We rely on them all day, every day to preserve foods and keep them fresh. And they aren’t exactly the quietest appliances out there, either, usually emitting a tonal drone when in operation. But occasionally that standard hum may become a rattle, or worse. Having trouble with a noisy fridge? If so, our electricians in Upper Marlboro might be able to help.

First thing first: is your refrigerator on a dedicated circuit? If not, noises are the least of your problems. Need help installing and wiring a new appliance for your home? Contact the team at Kolb Electric! We can bring you the service and quality care you deserve, and our electricians in Upper Marlboro are unmatched in skill and knowledge!

Troubleshooting Your Noisy Fridge

There are scant few things that can actually contribute to an unusually noisy refrigerator, which is technically a good thing, since troubleshooting the problem doesn’t tend to take too long. You could be dealing with:

Fun (Not Actually Fun) With Refrigerator Fans

The majority of undue fridge noise comes as a result of a dirty or damaged fan. There are a few fans that could be at fault here, somewhat depending on the type of refrigerator you have. If your issue is indeed a fan, it could be the:

  • Condenser fan. Condenser fans are typically found on the backside of the fridge, and can get noisy for a couple of reasons. The fan is actually visible, and you may be able to spot some dirt or dust buildup, which might be your cause. If the fan looks clear, the odds are good that it needs replacing.
  • Freezer fan. Modern refrigerators make use of a fan circulation system within the fridge that reduces the buildup of frost and condensation. It’s not super likely that this has gotten dirty, but you might check (the fan is located in the freezer compartment). The odds are high that you’ll need a professional to replace the fan.

Strange Sounds at the Base of Your Refrigerator

A consistent rattling noise coming from somewhere near the bottom outside of your refrigerator is almost certainly a loose drain pan. This is a really obnoxious noise, but actually a very simple fix, since it usually only needs a quick tightening using the appropriate tool (screwdriver, hex key).

A Troublesome Refrigerator Compressor

Your compressor can be found on the back of your refrigerator. It is almost always a big black metal fixture; looks sort of like a funky space helmet. But if the sound is your compressor, you’re in for some fairly bad news, since it’ll need to be replaced. In some situations, it’s a better idea to just replace the refrigerator in total.

Superior Refrigerator Electrical Service in Upper Marlboro with Kolb Electric

Looking for an electrician in Upper Marlboro that can bring you superior service to meet your electrical appliance installation needs? If so, you can count on our electricians in Upper Marlboro! Our team has been proudly serving up the best in service for decades, and we’re just a quick click away!

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