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Don’t Get Fried! Dos and Don’ts of Power Strip Safety

Juggling the seemingly endless myriad of accessories, appliances and tools that have become commonplace in modern homes can sure be a hassle. Many homeowners find themselves routinely swapping plugs, or using devices like a power strip. While these can suffice in many situations, and offer a (relatively) effective solution, many make the mistake of relying on a power strip too much.

The only thing Kolb Electric takes more seriously than perfect service is safety! We don’t want to see you caught up in an electrical emergency, and to make sure you don’t we’ve built a short list of power strip safety tips. We also have some alternative, and overall superior, suggestions as well!

Power Strip Safety: A Quick Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts

When deciding to use a power strip, keep these points in mind:

  • Do. Only use light-load appliances on power strips. This can include computers, lamps, clocks, etc.
  • Do. Ensure that you purchase power strips with an internal circuit breaker. This is a very important safety measure that is designed to prevent property loss and risks of fire!
  • Do. Use power strips sparingly. They aren’t designed to maintain a load for extended periods of time, and can overheat quickly if used too frequently.
  • Don’t. Ever plug a power strip into another power strip (colloquially referred to as ‘daisy chaining’). Doing this is a great way to short out appliances, or drastically increase the risk of an electrical mishap.
  • Don’t. Use power strips in moist or potentially moist areas. No kitchens, no utility rooms, and definitely no basements.
  • Don’t. Continue to use a power strip if it feels hot. That isn’t supposed to happen!
  • Never. Cover, staple, tack or nail a power strip to anything. Covering can smother the strip, and provide ample flammable material in the event of failure, and stapling can harm the cords, making room for dangerous situations.

Installing Additional Outlets: The Better, Permanent Solution

As we said, power strips are fine. In moderation, and as long as you observe proper power strip safety. But there’s a better solution! You aren’t simply stuck with however many outlets are currently installed in your home. Additional outlets can provide a safe, dependable and long-term solution to your electricity needs! The process is quick and simple in the hands of a professional, and will have you set to handle all of our modern lifestyles.

Outlet Installation in Virginia, Maryland and DC With Kolb

No matter what you require for your home, the experts at Kolb can provide the electrical access you need! We’ve been handling electricity, wiring and appliances for years, providing our consumers with only the absolute best in service, skill and technology. Contact Kolb today to learn more about our services, or to set an appointment!

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