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Is Your Washington, DC Electrician Scamming You?

Electrician in Washington, DC installing a light

Have you ever been worried that your Washington, DC electrician might be scamming you? It’s certainly not one of our favorite topics, but the fact remains that it does happen. There are people out there posing as trained professionals that would love nothing more than to take your money, and give nothing at all in return.

At Kolb Electric, our experts are the real deal, and we’ve learned a thing or two about spotting shysters. We never want any of our consumers to encounter a situation where they have to deal with a scammer. So we’ve built a list of the most common signs that you might be getting cheated!

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How to Spot an Electrician Scammer

Washington, DC electrician scams often follow specific patterns. They’re awful, because they exist. But at least they’re predictable! Here are some telltale signs of a scam:

  • A lack of certification. Electricians are certified for a reason, primary amongst them is to let our consumers know that they’re dealing with a proper professional. If an electrician isn’t certified, they aren’t an electrician!
  • No documentation. If your deal isn’t on paper, it’s not a real deal. Ensure that everything you agree on with your electrician is on paper, with clear, easy to read contact information. Also billing should be easy to understand, and on a clear, clean and finalized document.
  • Unprofessional. A scammer is often rude, or the complete opposite. Ungenuine, saccharine friendliness can be a tipoff. Additionally, if a contractor is uncouth, or acts in an unprofessional manner (rude language, too “buddy-buddy”) you definitely have reason to be suspicious.
  • Unmarked. Most businesses use clear labeling on uniforms, vans, trucks and paperwork. If you don’t see a logo or contact information on anything, it’s time to get rid of them!
  • Cash up front. A business that demands cash as the only acceptable payment type is immediately suspicious. Also, if they want to be paid in full upfront, you’ll probably never see your money, or them, ever again.

When it comes to getting reliable, effective service, communication is absolutely key. You need all information on clear, understandable terms. This means get everything in writing, and ensure you understand all aspects of the project. It doesn’t matter if it’s as small as a minor outlet replacement, or as large as home rewiring, be sure you’re working with a pro!

Contact Kolb Electric for Your Electrical Project Needs

Kolb has been offering dependable, guaranteed service to the Maryland and DC areas for years. We never want to hear that one of our valued patrons has had to deal with a rogue element when seeking electrical assistance!

If you need the fast, effective service of a professional, certified Washington, DC electrician, contact Kolb!

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