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Is My Electric Meter Faulty?

electric meter boxesAs a homeowner, you tend to notice electrical issues like flickers, breaker flips and outages. But keeping an eye on your electrical meter is important too! Without the occasional peek, you could find yourself with higher than average bills, or even a completely unexpected shut off.

The certified electricians at Kolb Electric naturally have spent loads of time with electrical meters, and we’ve got plenty of good information to share this week. Follow along to learn about issues that may arise with your meter, what they mean, and whether or not they indicate a faulty electric meter.

Where Is My Electrical Meter?

Hard to find a problem if you can’t find the meter, right? Electric meters are most commonly located on an outer wall; usually near where your power line runs. In some homes, particularly older ones, the meter might be found in the basement or a utility closet.

If you live in an apartment, the meter is almost always found near your building (or on it) in a cluster. The cluster houses meters for every unit, and all of them should be clearly labelled with the apartment number on them.

Common Issues with a Faulty Electric Meter

  • Sudden spikes in energy costs. These spikes can range from relatively small, to astronomical. You know you didn’t use over $1,000 on electricity this month, and so do we! You pay good money for your home’s power, so if you begin to note spikes, have a certified electrician check to see if you have a faulty electric meter right away.
  • Digital errors. If your meter features a digital display, you’re in luck. These will often outright tell you if they’re experiencing problems. Check occasionally for messages such as “Fault”, “Error” or “Battery”. If you notice any of these, have them handled right away. Leaving the issue to rest can lead to huge bills and unexpected cut offs.
  • Failure to operate. Whether digital or mechanical, a meter has moving parts. If the little wheels in your mechanical meter aren’t moving, or your digital read is unresponsive, you might have a faulty meter.

A Note on Faulty Meters

Do be aware that the chances of your meter being outright faulty are fairly low. The machines have exceptionally long lifespans, and are built to endure. It’s more likely you have one of many other electrical concerns, however, it is always best to check with a certified professional electrician if you have any questions or problems. While uncommon, a faulty meter is a pretty big issue, and you don’t want to leave it to chance. Just don’t be surprised if the issue turns out to be something else!

Expert Electrical Assistance with Kolb

Whether you’re worried about your meter, or you’ve got any number of other electrical problems, the experts at Kolb can help! We provide our consumers with only the absolute best, both in service and skill, and we’re confident in our ability to meet your unique needs. Contact Kolb today to learn more!

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