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What To Do When Your Refrigerator Plug Is Frayed

A frayed refrigerator plug can easily be classified as a very serious risk, both to the fridge itself, and to your entire home. Frayed, ripped, or otherwise damaged cords are a potential source of electrical fire, arcing and power failure. So, what do you do when you discover a frayed plug on your appliances?

Put simply, get it repaired! Often, replacements are available, but are very costly, and occasionally entirely unavailable depending on the age and model of your fridge.

We never endorse “Do It Yourself” solutions to any electrical issues, as electricity is fickle and extremely dangerous. A wrong move can cost you more than a busted appliance, it can cost you your health (or some serious money in fire damage repair to your home). Leave electrical work to Kolb Electric electricians! That said, we do believe in informed consumers, and thus have detailed our professional process for frayed or damaged plug repair.

The Risks of a Frayed Plug

Too often we encounter electrical incidents at home that could have been avoided with proper precaution and a timely replacement or repair. Don’t allow your home to harbor risks by leaving damaged plugs alone! Leaving damage untreated can lead to:

  • Overloading. A frayed plug can become overloaded, heating the plug and potentially burning out your appliance completely
  • Electrical arcing. Arcing can occur when wires create a connection that is unintended, and leads to potential fire or wiring damage.
  • Flickering. The ineffective plug can cause power flickering, as they no longer convey electricity properly to your appliance, and thus can draw considerably more power than they were intended to. This can cause flickering, and possible power outages.
  • Electrical fire. Fire is a very real and serious risk, and can come as a result of any electrical appliance or component that is ignored when in need of repair.

The Method

To address frayed, or damaged plugs we:

  • Cut power to the affected appliance, usually simply by unplugging it. Depending on risk, we may cut power at the electrical panel.
  • Locate and cut out the damaged section of the cord. If the damage is at the neck of the plug, the plug itself will be excised.
  • Install a new section of cord, or a new plug head accordingly, ensuring the grounding wire is seated correctly. The host cord will be stripped by half an inch on either side, to make a clean connection with the new cord nub.
  • Tighten all connections, ensuring safety and security of operation.
  • Reapply power to your appliance, to ensure it is now operating properly.

Contact Kolb to Assist You with a Frayed Refrigerator Cord

Be ready for any eventuality with our electrical repair services! Contact our experts today to learn more about our electrical services, or to schedule an appointment.

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