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Important Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electricity allows your home to stay warm, your kitchen to cook food, your TV to play your favorite movies. And while electricity is essential to your family’s health and wellbeing, it can also be a serious threat to the safety of your children. Today’s blog at Kolb Electric will cover a few tips you can implement around the house and teach to your kids to make sure your electricity is functioning in the safest way possible.

Electrical Safety Around Your DC Home

Avoid Overstuffed Outlets

The great thing about surge protectors and power strips is that you can plug multiple devices into them at once. However, the more plugs that sit out in one area, the higher the chance your child may find them and think they’re something fun to play with. They may continuously pull plugs in and out of their sockets, increasing the risk for an electrical shock.

Consider distributing your devices throughout different areas of the house, preferably in rooms your children do not frequently enter. Or, if you must use a power strip, keep it stored in a high place your children will not be able to reach.

Place a Safety Cap on All Unused Outlets

Wall outlets can easily draw the attention of playful and curious youngsters. It’s good practice to place plastic wall plugs into any unused sockets so that children are unable to poke or stick any objects into them.

Covering up outlets will also help conserve energy in your home. They’ll stop cold drafts from coming through electrical outlets. This sounds like a win, win to us!

Prohibit Kids Playing Near Electrical Equipment

The outdoors is the premier place for your kids to run around and have fun. However, there’s a good amount of electrical equipment that has to be installed around the backyard that kids may encounter when throwing a ball around or playing tag. It’s important to have a conversation with your kids about avoiding the green transformer box that’s in either your front or back yard. This box provides the final voltage transformation when distributing power to your entire home, and therefore poses a serious safety threat if it’s interacted with incorrectly.

It’s also a good idea to talk with your kids about not throwing balls or flying kites around power lines around the house. If a toy does get stuck in a power line, your child must know that they need to call your electrical service provider immediately. Oh, and that they should not try to retrieve it themselves.

Don’t Keep Appliances Near the Sink

It’s common knowledge for most adults that water and electricity are not a good combo. However, your kids may not be as knowledgeable about this as you. In addition to discussing the dangers of being around water and electricity at the same time, it may be a good idea to place all electrical appliances away from all sinks and vessels of water as well.

For instance, keep hair straighteners and blow dryers stored away in a bathroom cabinet when not in use. In the kitchen, make sure the toaster, blender, or anything else that uses electricity, is far enough from the sink that your child would most likely not be able to move it on their own.

Keep Your Family and DC Home Safe with Kolb Electric

The expert electricians at Kolb Electric have been keeping your family safe and your home functional for over 90 years. We are available and ready to provide you will all the electrical services you need in your DC, MD, or VA home right away.

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