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Common Electrical Problems Seen By Your DC Electrician

Posted on: April 17, 2013

While it’s true that there are many different ways that electrical issues affect your home and belongings, there are four basic electrical problems that DC homeowners face on a regular basis. Each of these electrical problems must be addressed in a timely manner—otherwise a dangerous situation may occur, including electrical fire and shock. Fortunately, most of these are very easy to address, diagnose, and correct, as long as they are looked into quickly by a DC Electrician.

Homeowners Should Look Out for Common Electrical Problems

Homeowners throughout the DC area should immediately contact us if they observe any of these common electrical problems:

Power Surges

Whenever there is a sudden increase or change in electrical current, it is referred to as a power surge. This can force circuits to overload, leading to lost power and additional damage. There isn’t much you can really do—your best bet is to prevent a surge from happening by using surge protection strips and having a DC electrician install a whole-house surge suppression system. Whole-house surge protection is the best first line of protection you can have to protect your home electronics and wiring from the damage caused by lightning strikes. The cost of replacing electronic equipment in an average home is $8,000, and it may be even higher for homes in DC. Whole-house surge protection in conjunction with power strip surge protection is affordable insurance against electrical surges caused by lightning strikes and other disruptions. Contact Kolb Electric for whole-house surge protection installation in DC.

Overloaded Electrical Circuits

If you plug too many items into a single unit, it can cause the circuit to become overloaded. While you may be tempted to use more power strips to plug in more items, this can actually cause dangerous overloading and overheating. Whenever your circuit breaker trips frequently, you should let a qualified electrician take a look.

Redundant Wiring

Whenever DC homeowners try to run their own electrical wiring, it often results in what is known as redundant wiring. Homeowners should not attempt any do-it-yourself home wiring—it is very dangerous because the wiring may not be properly capped and terminated.

Intermittent Power Problems

Whenever you have issues with intermittent power, it usually is a warning sign that serious wiring issues are present. This is often caused by loose or improperly fastened wiring, which requires the immediate attention of an expert electrician.

These are common electrical problems DC electricians are often called in to correct. If you observe any of these problems in your home, we recommend you contact us. We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving the DC area since 1925. You can count on our electricians to provide upfront pricing and high-quality service.

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