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Be Careful When Calling a 24-Hour Electrician in DC

Posted on: August 31, 2016

electrician in washington, DC area

In need of a 24-hour electrician in Washington, DC? The experts at Kolb Electric would urge caution! We’ve spent some time talking about scammers in the past, and this situation could put you at risk. Wondering how? For starters, when you need an electrician RIGHT NOW you’re more likely to pay less attention to credentials and reputation. This could lead to shoddy work, dangerous wiring fixes, or just a plain scam!

Looking for a reliable and certified 24-hour electrician in Washington, DC? Contact Kolb Electric right away!

What’s So Bad About a 24-Hour Electrician?

On the surface, nothing at all. Our team offers reliable 24-hour services, and most certified and licensed electricians do. The worry here is pressure. You’re in a pickle, and need a solution right now. And for each trusted professional out there, there’s a scammer who knows you don’t have the time to worry about credentials.

In our posts about scamming and why you should choose a trusted electrician, we talk about how to go about recognizing trustworthy service. We detail things like looking for certification, and checking local peer reviews. And these are all super-duper important! Thing is, you’ve got an emergency on your hands. No one has time to do research in a time like that.

So How Do I Find A Pro in a Hurry?

Well, you can certainly do a quick online check. Sites like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) can give you a good idea of whether or not you’re dealing with an accredited and trusted business. But taking your time usually yields better results. The key is to find a team beforehand.

As homeowners, we like having “regulars.” Businesses that we know we can call when we need answers. We do it with a family doctor, or local food joints that we love. Why not do it with home services, too? You should always have major businesses hand-picked for your needs before you need them. Find some roofers, find an HVAC expert, and of course, find an electrician!

Follow these steps to find a reliable electrician for your home:

  • Do your research. We’re not so callous as to say you should just take our word for everything! Check out a few experts online and do some research. If you like what you see, move to the next point!
  • Make some calls, and if possible, meetings. Speak with the experts at the business you’re “scoping out.” Get an idea of how they work, and if you feel comfortable calling them your “go-to” for service.
  • Keep emergency contact information on-hand. Phone speed-dial, a magnet on the fridge, a contact book; we’d recommend them all. You never know where you’ll be or what you’ll have access to in an emergency. Be prepared!

Trust Kolb Electric for Emergency Services

Our certified and licensed professionals have been providing dependable, trustworthy service to Maryland, DC, and Virginia for nearly a century! We’re proud to say that our satisfied consumers always turn to our team in an emergency. Need a 24-hour electrician in Washington, DC? Contact us!

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