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Home Generators: A Worthwhile Investment?

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If you’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for a while, you know how severe summer rains and winter storms can be. Too often, the result is a power outage that forces you to shut your home office down, puts your refrigerated goods at risk, and can even present a health hazard if someone in your household relies on oxygen to help them breathe. Fortunately, a home generator can bridge that gap between when the power goes out and when your service is restored.

Benefits of Home Generators

Home generators offer a number of advantages to Maryland, Virginia, and DC homeowners, the largest of which include:

  • Consistent power. The chief benefit of owning a standby generator is that your home will never be without power. Your generator will automatically turn on when it senses an outage. You don’t even have to be at home to flip a switch!
  • Flame-resistant operation. A whole house standby generator uses natural gas or propane to create electricity, so you don’t have the fire risk inherent with storing gasoline on your property as you do with portable generators.
  • Cost savings. Investing in a home generator can actually save you money. Not only will it prevent food stored in your refrigerators and freezers from spoiling, but it will also save you money you may otherwise have spent on a hotel and restaurant meals during an outage. Keeping the electricity running can also help prevent expensive damage and clean-up from plumbing pipes that can burst in freezing temperatures.
  • Safety. Home generators help to keep your family and your property safe. Unfortunately, vandals and looters tend to come out during emergencies, like hurricanes, that cause the power to go out. When your home is the only one within blocks with the lights on, such criminals are more likely to pass by your property.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing that your family will be comfortable and safe during a power outage is worth the price.

Need Home Generator Installation in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC? Call Kolb Electric!

At Kolb Electric, we want to help you keep your electricity running even during the most severe Mid-Atlantic storms. To learn more about installing a standby generator in your Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC home, call us at 877 287-1179 or click here to contact us online. We’ve been serving home and building owners in neighborhoods near you since 1925.

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