Electric Meter Installation

Your electric meter provides the first and final say in your energy-costs. You depend on your meter to provide accurate, flawless readings that are clear, easy to understand and essentially infallible, if at all possible. So, what exactly is an electric meter, and how do you know yours is fulfilling its duties properly? The certified experts at Kolb are here to help!

Kolb Electric has been providing exceptional service and skill to Maryland, Northern Virginia and the DC areas for nearly a century. What does that say about us? It says that Kolb is dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects, and brings only the very best to our consumers. Our fully trained electricians are some of the best in the business, and our track record can attest to it!

Contact Kolb about flawless electric meter installation in the MD, VA and DC areas today! We’re available any time, either through our main site, or through phone call at 877-287-1179.

Types of Electricity Meters

There are three primary meter types in use today, including:

  • Electromechanical meters. These are the meters you’re likely the most familiar with. You can generally see them on the outside of many homes and businesses. These meters read electricity usage by way of a non-magnetic metal disc. The disc is activated through electricity usage in your structure, and rotates to count the units of electricity used (minor fact: electromechanical meters do utilize electricity to operate, but the energy used is not counted by the meter. In other words, it’s operation is irrelevant to your energy usage).
  • Electronic meters. Electronic meters use a digital LCD or LED display to accurately mark energy usage. These meters have some interesting advantages, including various additional readings such as max load, and peak-time usage figures. In some cases, an electronic meter can directly transmit readings to your supplier.
  • Solid-state meters. These are the most recent meter types in circulation. These units use LED displays similar to electronic meters, and can essentially be viewed as simply a more stable and reliable technological advancement. SS meters offer the least variability in readings, and the most additional readout options.

Electricity Meter Installation in MD, VA and DC with Kolb Electric

Kolb is capable and confident in our ability to supply meters to suit any requirement or need. Our electricians are well versed in the operation, installation and repair of electricity meters, and can offer the best service available.

Our consumers depend on us to assist with any and all electrical needs. From troubleshooting and repair, to installation or replacement, our electricians can provide for your every need.

We provide multiple locations, five bucket trucks, and boast one of the largest fleets in the Mid-Atlantic. This means we can handle any and all projects, regardless of size or scope with ease!

Contact Kolb Electric for All of Your Electricity Meter Needs in Maryland, Virginia and DC

For service that exceeds expectations in all regards, contact the fully trained electricians at Kolb Electric today!

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