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Your Must-Read New Home Wiring Checklist from Our Baltimore Electricians

Posted on: July 29, 2016

new home wiring in baltimore, MD

Acquiring a new home in Baltimore is an extremely exciting event for any homeowner. But it can be a time for stress, too. There’s a lot going on—keeping tabs on it all can become a bit overwhelming and, at times, outright frustrating. Because of this, our Baltimore electricians wanted to provide a quick, easy checklist for what you should be checking for in the wiring in your new Baltimore home

In the world of Kolb Electric, superior service is the name of the game. We’ve built our reputation of quality and dependability by providing just that! And when it comes to wiring and the electrical needs for your new home, there’s no one better in Maryland.

A Brief Checklist of New Home Wiring

Keeping NEC codes in mind, unique layouts, etc; wiring can get a little bit complex and confusing. So we’re keeping this one simple, stating the primary and most important goals and methods of wiring a new home.

  • Procure a licensed professional. Of course we’d say this; because that’s us! But in all seriousness, the initial planning and wiring of your electrical is hugely important. It will play a vital role in the effectiveness and accessibility of electricity in your home. And even a tiny mistake can make for catastrophic troubles down the road. Always work with a professional you can trust! And following the thought, keep in close touch with your experts. The free exchange of information and ideas is one of the great things about working with experts, and it’s the best way to ensure you get a home that meets your unique needs.
  • Acquire the proper permit. To do major work of any kind, you’ll have to be permitted by the appropriate government. This goes for building, as we’re sure you know, but it goes for electrical as well!
  • Get a basic understanding of local NEC code. We mention this mostly because you likely have some ideas for the what and where of appliances, lights, switches, outlets, etc you want in your home. For the most part, your experts are going to be able to ensure your home stays perfectly in code. But a basic understanding of local electrical codes can help you in the planning process, and help avoid coming across wants you can’t fulfill.
  • Understand your energy needs. You’re going to be running a lot of appliances and electrical fixtures. It’s a good idea to have a solid understanding of what access to power your home is going to need. This impacts your electrical panel, and the number/size of your breakers.
  • Ensure your wants and needs are met. This is your home. If you want outlets in crazy places, or lights where no one can even see them, that’s your right! Work in close concert with your electrician to ensure you’re getting all of your wants fulfilled (within reason, of course. Safety is a factor).

Contact our Baltimore Electricians for New Home Wiring!

That got a little confusing, we know. But honestly, there are just loads of factors that come into play with your new wiring. This is why certified and licensed experts are so important! But when you work with the experts at Kolb, our Baltimore electricians can ensure you’re getting everything you want and need out of your new home wiring. Contact us today to learn more!

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