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What Is a Journeyman Electrician?

If you need someone to help you with wiring, installing a light fixture, or updating your fuse box or electrical panel, you know that you need an electrician. Such jobs require special training and skill and are generally too dangerous to be done as DIY projects. However, you probably don’t know what type of electrician you need or even that there are different types of electricians out there with different levels of qualifications.

Journeyman Electricians vs. Master Electricians

Licensed electricians fall into two main categories—journeymen electricians and master electricians. A journeyman electrician has:

  • Completed a training course (usually two years);
  • Worked as an apprentice with a licensed electrician for several years (the require varies by area of the country);
  • And successfully completed a Maryland, Virginia, or DC licensing exam.

This training qualifies him or her to work alone on most electrical installations and repairs and on both homes and businesses.

A master electrician has built upon his or her knowledge as a journeyman electrician to reach the most prestigious level of the electrical profession. In order to become a master electrician, a person must first become a journeyman electrician and work in that capacity for a number of years (the time varies by state). After that time, an electrician can become a master electrician by taking additional training and passing a master electrician licensing exam. To keep this designation, a master electrician is required to complete a set number of hours of continuing education courses each year on topics such as new code requirements, products, and procedures.

In addition to the work of a journeyman electrician, a master electrician can supervise a crew of journeymen and work as a building inspector. As a DC-area homeowner, you’d want to hire a master electrician if you were having your entire house rewired or undergoing another extensive project. If your job requires more than one electrician to complete the project, you will likely be set up with a master electrician along with journeymen electricians.

Need a Licensed Electrician in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington DC? Call Kolb Electric!

At Kolb Electric, we employ both journeymen and master electricians, with only the top skills and credentials. We understand that you probably aren’t familiar with the different types of electricians, so we’re careful to send out only the best person for your particular job.

To learn more about our team of electricians and their qualifications, call us at 877 287-1179 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. We’ve been helping Mid-Atlantic homeowners with their electrical needs since 1925 and have both journeymen electricians and master electricians on staff to provide you with the best technical expertise for your project at the best cost.

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