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How Many Circuits Should Be in Your Rockville Home?

Posted on: April 28, 2016

If you’ve spent any amount of time on our services pages, you’ve probably noticed us consistently mention dedicated circuitry. You need it for your outlets, for heavy appliances; gosh, you even need one for your microwave. But what is a circuit, and how many do you really need? Important questions, and luckily for you, our certified electricians have answers.

When it comes to electrical work, Kolb Electric has everything you need to maintain optimal home performance. Our Rockville electricians carry years of top-notch training, and possess all of the know-how and technical knowledge needed to get your circuit wiring done right. Contact Kolb any time you need electrical services!

What Is a Circuit?

Put super basically, a circuit is an engineered circular path that electricity takes to do work. Think about the light switches in your home. When you flick them on, electricity flows into the closed circuit that sends power to your fixtures and bulbs, and voila! You’ve got light. All electronics and electrical applications work off of the concept of circuits.

A circuit always starts and stops in the same place, creating a revolving door of sorts for harnessed electricity.

So, What Is a Dedicated Circuit?

Technically speaking, a dedicated circuit is no different from a regular circuit in application. It is simply set aside to power one, specific appliance , tool, or piece of equipment. Dedicated circuits are required by NEC (National Electric Code) for all major appliances (generally those that involve massive, fluctuating voltages). So what about portable tools that eat power? Your electric drills, and hair dryers? This is why outlets are on dedicated circuits, too!

How Many Circuits Should My Rockville Home Actually Have?

The answer here is a little malleable. It depends on a number of variables including:

  • The limits of your breakers
  • The size of your home
  • The number of appliances you use
  • How many outlets your home needs to function properly

Notice that all of these variables can change, or be changed. That means the number of circuits you need equates to basically this: As many as it takes. If it has a switch, uses a motor, or gets plugged in, odds are it needs a circuit (maybe not a dedicated one, but a circuit). But how do you find out exactly how many you need? Well, that’s what electricians are for! One thing you can find out on your own, is if you have too few circuits.

Signs You Need an Additional Circuit

If you experience any of these complications, you probably need more circuits, or an upgrade:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent breaker flips
  • Stuttering appliances
  • Frequent bulb burnout

There are more complications than this, but they can get complicated, and often have other causes as well.

Get Wiring and Circuit Installation Services in Rockville, MD

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